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Clarkson's Institute for a Sustainable Environment will attain excellence and be recognized as a national leader in interdisciplinary environmental research and associated education programs through the:

  • Establishment of new and promotion of existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary environmental research initiatives;
  • Integration of basic and applied research to provide the increased understanding about complex environmental systems that is needed to solve current and prevent future environmental problems and enable informed decisions and policies;
  • Creation and assessment of innovative methods of environmental research and education, with a particular emphasis on a systems approach;
  • Development of partnerships with industries, Universities, and other organizations;
  • Development and support of graduate and undergraduate degree programs grounded in engineering and the sciences, and informed by an understanding of policy, history, communication, management and ethics; and,
  • Promotion of collaborative relationships among faculty, students and partners associated with the Institute.


Sunset on the Raquette River.



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