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Daniel A. Bradburd

In this Section
Professor of Anthropology
283 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Phone: 315-268-3973

B.A., Columbia University
Ph.D., City University of New York

Courses Taught
  • Environment, Technology, and Society
  • Guns, Drugs, Spices: Trade and the Making of the Modern World
  • Consumption and Culture
  • Food and Society
  • Understanding the Contemporary Middle East

Scholarly Interests
My primary current scholarly interest is understanding the place of drugs in the modern world, with a particular focus on their role in work performance. I maintain less active interests in the political economy of Southwest Asian pastoralists, in exploring the relationship between fieldwork experience and ethnographic understanding, and in understanding how consumption is shaped by and shapes culture.

D. Bradburd & W. Jankowiak, eds., Drugs, Labor and Colonial Expansion, University of Arizona Press (November 2003).
D. Bradburd & W. Jankowiak, "Drugs, Desire and European Economic Expansion," in Drugs, Labor and Colonial Expansion, pp. 3-30.
D. Bradburd & W. Jankowiak, "Drugs in Work and Trade," in Drugs, Labor and Colonial Expansion, pp. 177-186.
Review of "Up in Nipigong Country" in American Anthropologist 105 (2): 422.

Drugs at Work and Play, University of Capetown and the University Western Cape Anthropology Seminar, Summer 2004
"Adventures in the Zeitgeist: Tarzan, Simmel, Freud and the Crisis of Modernity," North Eastern Anthropology Meetings, Burlington, VT, 2003.
"Adventures in the Zeitgeist, Adventures in Reality," seminar at Field Museum, Chicago, November 2003.

"US- South Africa Cooperative Research: International Research Experience for US Students in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy," NSF