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Research & Scholarly Expenses

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The Honors Program has limited funds available to support research and scholarly activities of honors students, in addition to the Honors Educational Enhancement Scholarship (HEES).  Requests may be made by faculty mentors for direct costs that they sustain in supporting a student’s Honors thesis research.  It is assumed that HEES will be used to defray the student's own research expendes, and for travel to professional conferences, cost of publications of the Honors thesis or other forms of academic enhancement. 

These awards are also distinct from Summer Research support that may be given to pre-frosh, first year, and sophomore students. It is assumed that juniors and seniors conducting summer research are working on their thesis, unless otherwise demonstrated, and any requests for support will come from one of the following accounts. 

Faculty Advisor’s Thesis Research Expenses

Awards of up to $500 will be made on a competitive basis to faculty members who are supervising a student conducting research or project work for their Honors thesis.  The number and amount of awards given will vary according to availability of funds, which will be announced each semester.  Faculty advisors may submit requests over multiple semesters but may not receive more than $500 for each student mentored.   Faculty advisors may submit multiple requests for support, one for each student, and these may be combined, but are not to exceed a cumulative total of $1,500 per year.  Faculty advisors must submit the appropriate form justifying the expenditure by the deadline announced each semester. Typical expenses include materials and equipment essential to the research project is not covered by other research grants.

Faculty must complete a "Request for Financial Support" form and submit it to the Honors Program by the announced deadline each semester.  

The form may be used for reimbursement of costs already incurred, but under hardship or exceptional circumstances it may be used for purchase of items by the Honors Program on behalf of the advisor.  Please provide copies of all receipts for payments and keep all original receipts in order to facilitate processing of reimbursements and accurate bookkeeping.


If you would like to request funding, please complete the thesis expenses form and submit to Marcy Wilcox ( before November 15 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester.  Announcement of the awards will be made at the end of November for the fall semester and the end of March f or the spring semester.