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Share a Ride - Make a Friend - Save Fuel and Expenses

Carpooling and Car Sharing are the most effective ways to significantly save expenses and reduce gasoline consumption. It is like changing a car from 25 miles per gallon to 50 or 75 miles per gall (per person)!

  • Less stress commuting to and from work or school
  • Financial savings when costs are shared
  • Reduces need for parking
  • Increases free time for riders
  • Reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Reduces energy consumption

Check out our on-line carpool matching system and student ride sharing system to start reducing your fuel consumption and costs. 

Another alternative - Share a car with our new Zipcar initiative! Go to to become a student or employee member of Zipcar and borrow one of the Zipcar SmartWay fuel efficient vehicles to provide transportation for the occasional errands to Massena or weekend away.

Did you know...

A $4/gallon on gasoline - 

  • The cost of your commute from Massena to Clarkson

$1,500/y !!

(Assumption: 48 work weeks, 5 trips per week, 40 miles per day, fuel economy - 25 MPG)

  • The cost of your weekend trips home to Syracuse each semester:

$240 !!

(Assumption: 5 trips home per semester, 300 miles round trip, fuel economy = 25 MPG)

And that is only the fuel cost! When you factor in insurance and wear and tear on your vehicle, the cost increases 3.5 times these values ($0.56/mile)