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Green Knight Certification

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To meet Green certification, offices agree to perform all of the tasks listed, unless that item is not pertinent to the department.  When applying for certification, you will have the opportunity to list items not applicable to your area.


  • We shut off our monitors and/or manually send our computers into energy saving modes (standby, sleep or hibernate) when not in use and turn them off at night.
  • As backup, we enabled the OIT recommended power management settings on our computers. If changing these setting requires administrative rights, we’ve contacted the Service Center for assistance.
  • We have sleep mode enabled on all copiers and all printers, set to activate after reasonable periods of inactivity.  [Sleep mode settings should be set to activate after 5 minutes of inactivity unless impractical to do so].
  • All lights are turned off when not in use during the day and at night, including in common areas such as conference rooms, storage closets, and bathrooms.


  • We print or copy to both sides of a page whenever possible. Double-siding is set as a default on our office computers, and we placed a visual prompt on our copy machine to remind members of our office to double-side whenever possible.
  • In order to save paper when printing and copying, we reuse paper that has text on only one side whenever appropriate. We keep a scrap paper pile near our printer and/or copier.
  • We reuse envelopes instead of buying and using new envelopes whenever possible for inter-campus mail.
  • There are well-labeled recycling bins in all common areas where trash bins are present, such as in main office, break rooms, conference rooms, mailrooms, and copy rooms.
  • In our office, recycling signs are clearly posted on or near recycling bins.
  • We spent several minutes reviewing proper recycling practices at a recent staff meeting to ensure that all members of our office are aware of the rules and had their questions answered.
  • When we need to dispose of, or buy office furniture and equipment, we use Clarkson’s GreenCycle to announce our needs or availability of goods, or offer the goods to the community at large.
  • If we publish a newsletter or flier, we offer an electronic version that readers can select instead of the paper version.


  • If we provide paper products in our break area, we purchase napkins and paper towels that have 100% recycled content and at least 75% postconsumer recycled content (See NRDC or Ecorate to learn which brands meet this classification).
  • We provide recycling bins at events and meetings sponsored by our office.
  • We do not use or serve water in individual sized plastic water bottles.  We encourage graduate students and others working in our areas (if applicable) to also observe these rules to the extent possible, and will assist with providing water pitchers when needed.
  • We do not provide Styrofoam cups.


  • We are sensitive to colleagues’ needs regarding office noise levels (voice, radio, phone conversations)
  • We keep our work space free of safety hazards (unsafe use of extension cords, trip hazards, piles of paper and boxes)
  • We take breaks, stretch at our desks and get up and stretch to maintain physical activity even in an office environment.
  • We proactively address inefficient work practices and procedures to reduce wasted time and human resources


  • Members of our office feel that there are adequate bike racks for staff, faculty and students near our buildings. If not, we completed a work order to see if obtaining new racks is a possibility.
  • Members of our office walk to meetings or class in other buildings on campus to the extent they are physically able.
  • Members of our offices carpool to conferences and office related events to the greatest extent possible


  • For printing and copying, our office only uses paper with at least 75% recycled content. (Contact Bobbi Jo Darabon or Gretchen Fullerton to order your supply)
  • Before we purchase office furniture, such as file cabinets, desks, etc., we check to see if Facilities/Operations have any surplus in stock or we check Clarkson’s GreenCycle
  • If we must purchase new (or used) appliances and equipment (printers, copiers, refrigerators, etc.), we only purchase Energy Star or EPEAT certified/qualified models.
  • To find Energy Star Printers/copiers/scanners/fax machines and other products, search here:


  • Our office sustainability initiatives are reviewed at least annually at an office meeting.
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