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Gold Knight Certification

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To be awarded Gold Knight Certification, your office must meet all of the qualifications for Green Knight Certification Guidelines as well as perform all of the following tasks, unless that item is not pertinent to the department.  When applying for certificaion, you will have the opportunity to list items not applicable to your area.


  • We examined our office’s use of individual and networked printers and other electronic devices, and contacted OIT about consolidating use where it makes sense.
  • During cold weather, all of our windows are shut tightly, if applicable.
  • We close our window shades to reduce solar heat gain in the summer or nighttime heat loss in the winter.
  • We send, or will send, an e-mail to our staff before holidays and breaks containing energy saving tips.


  • Our committees use Moodle or the S:// drive to share files rather than printing and distributing paper copies
  • We have a designated area in our office, for sharing office supplies that can be re-used (file folders, binders, pens, paper clips, etc).
  • We reduce paper margins in order to decrease the length of documents we may print.
  • In our office, department, or building we have at least one recycling collection bin for small electronic waste: CFLs, CDs, audio tapes, batteries, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, and inkjet printer cartridges. This collection area has been publicized and signs exist explaining what can be recycled here.
  • We contact our custodian to bring our large electronic waste (computers, laptops, printers, A/V, office phones, etc.) to IT services or the A/V collection area so that it may be recycled properly.
  • We pledge to keep track of paper usage by supplying paper use counts, if available, with a goal to reduce paper consumption year over year.


  • We carry and use re-useable water bottles, mugs and take-out containers.
  • We have reusable mugs, dishware, and silverware for staff and visitor use. If we cannot adequately clean reusable mugs, dishware and silverware then we provide eco-friendly single use items instead.
  • Before events and meetings we send an e-mail reminding attendees to bring mugs or reusable cups if beverages will be served.
  • At our events and meetings we reduce waste by providing the following in bulk containers: sugar, salt, condiments, and beverages (including water).


  • Each of our work spaces is configured ergonomically to sustain our health and wellness.
  • We keep our work space clean and free of dust, perfumes and other allergens to minimize potential health impacts.


  • When planning work-related travel, we borrow the University’s hybrid vehicles when available and carpool to the extent possible. If graduate students working directly in our offices are cleared to drive Clarkson vehicles, we encourage them to use the hybrid vehicle for travel as well.


  • We have a designated section of an office bulletin board, or have a separate board for posting tips and information about sustainability practices, events, and groups.
  • We include information about our office/departmental sustainability policies and goals in hire packets for all new staff.

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