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Student Philanthropy Program

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What is the Student Philanthropy Program?

The Student Philanthropy Program is a tradition that fosters philanthropic spirit among students and allows each graduating class the opportunity to leave their mark at Clarkson. It is a time when all seniors can unite in commemorating their time at Clarkson and leave behind a lasting legacy of their time spent on campus. Participation in the Student Philanthropy Program is a commitment that begins a lifetime of involvement with Clarkson – the first step in the transition from student to alumnus/a.

Where will my contribution go for the Senior Class Gift?

Clarkson has embarked on a $225 million fundraising initiative, The E2E (Evolution to Excellence) Campaign, that is energizing Clarkson through huge advances in academics, resources, and facilities. This multi-year campaign for greatness is the key to new ideas, effective answers, and unlimited possibilities; the key to creating a community that stands apart from other institutions.

As a central priority of the E2E Campaign, The Clarkson Fund delivers immediate results and enhanced possibilities for today’s students. E2E is our practical formula for forward progress at Clarkson, and The Clarkson Fund is how you can help today! 

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is an effort to raise necessary funds for The Clarkson Fund.  Seniors will be asked to give to The Clarkson Fund and become a part of the Clarkson alumni community that has a tradition of loyal alumni support. In recognition for the Class gifts to The Clarkson Fund, an incoming freshman who receives financial aid will be named “The Class Scholar.” Your contribution to The Clarkson Fund is a contribution to the E2E Campaign. This is how you help shape the future of Clarkson University.

If you would like more information about the senior gift, please contact one of the senior class officers or Eric Mount, Assistant Director of the Clarkson Fund. You can also make your gift online today!

Can I pay my Senior Class Gift in monthly payments?

Yes! Follow the steps below to make $5 monthly payments on the online giving form.

1.  Gift Designation: Select your graduating year

2. Gift Amount: enter your graduating year (ex. $20.14) 

3. Check “if you wish to make recurring gift or pledge, check this box”

4. In the first drop down menu, select “1 month”

5. In the second drop down menu, select “4”

6. Scroll down to Payment Information Section 

7. Fill out the required information and submit.

Student Philanthropy Council

The purpose of the Student Philanthropy Council is to have a group of student representatives to help with educating the student body about what it means to be philanthropic. They will also be charged with educating their peers about the importance of the E2E Campaign, The Clarkson Fund and the significance of alumni giving back to Clarkson.

The council is co-advised by the Assistant Director of the Clarkson Fund and the Director of Student Life and Engagement. It is comprised of a diverse group of fourteen students, including two students and the class presidents from each class (freshmen through senior), one Clarkson School representative and one graduate student. With the exception of the Class Presidents, the students are nominated by the faculty and staff, based on the qualities of leadership, organization, loyalty, creativity and a demonstrated pride for Clarkson.

The Student Philanthropy Council is charged with developing and organizing two week-long events per academic year. In the fall, they will aid in the organization of Spirit Week, which is meant to inspire affiliation and pride for the institution as a whole. In the spring, they will help with the development of a Philanthropy Week, which will incorporate educational opportunities including Tuition Freedom Day, Thank a Donor Day and Thank the Faculty Day, as well as many other events. This week will also involve collaboration with the Alumni Office and Student Life. In addition to the duties required of the council, members will also be available to participate in other philanthropy related events on campus, and serve as general ambassadors of the University.

For additional information, contact Eric Mount, Assistant Director of The Clarkson Fund.

Do you want a preview of what it means to be a Clarkson Alumni? Visit our recent alumni page and see how you will be able to (YOU)KNIGHT with other young alumni to continue to accelerate innovation and discovery at Clarkson.

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Total Dollars Raised in 2013: $1,700.77

Class of 2013 Participation Rate: 24%


Class of 2014

Total Dollars Raised to Date: $3, 823.66

Participation Rate: 29%

Senior Class Supporters:

Abagail Luber

Daniel Larkin

Luke Dionne

Raychel Rieder

Nateenond Supatpitak

Kelly Wormwood

Cassandra Christman

McKenzie Lyndaker

Joseph Zeitler

Caralyn Mirand

Meghan Castellano

Christina Wyant

Marianne Schumacher

Benjamin Davis

Michael Kazalis

Katherine Kroening

Brad Mason

Kimberly Duck

Andrew Durrer

Andrew Ferlo

XiaoJun Huang

Wuli Liu

Eric Loikits

Alex Rhubart

Kevin Sweeney

Andrea Westervelt

Candace Liu

Angelo Onevelo

Ryan Anthony

Ben Cardin

John Carlson

Jason Cocca

Nicholas Grzymala

Daniel Hill

Gregory Jump

Daniel Liddy

Andrew May

Jason Menard

Ian Moldovan

Eric O'Donnell

Matthew Perry

Grant Richards

William Slapar

Brandon Urzua

Robert Wood

James Stevens

Kenneth Mark

Alexander Whitaker

Lauren Magin

Josh Miller

Alison Wilder

Rebecca Burgos

Michael Camera

Andrea Riedman

Ken Russell

Phillip Spinosa

Scott Cohen

Cody Dutcher

William VanNostrand

Thomas Haynes

Paul Kreppel

Sarah MacDonald

Ashley Montcalm

Colleen O'Connor

Madeline Vincitore

Adam Howe

Chris Ingles

Erica Tremblay

Geordin Soucie

Erin Corrigan

Chris Plummer

Kevin Neiderer

Jonathan Boucher

Robin Collyns

Benjamin Doud

Matthew Flynn

Fiona Recchia

Bruce Carmany

Daniel Devins

Kara DiNatale

Lateefah Morse

Raymond Bielec

Hans Carpio

Bryan Davidson

Liam Sharkey

Christopher Wallace

Jordan yagoda

Erin Lennox

Lauren Adams

Megan Burke

Amanda Distasio

Andrew Ellis

Jared Fagan

Sarah Jeffery

Kassidy Martz

David Montgomery

Carissa Petras

Mathew Russell

Sarah Shafer

Adam Szklany

Sean Collins

Jonathan Hurley

Olivia Grimm

Christian Perryman

Jacob Dick

Marissa Farrell

Kevin Andrew

Christopher Budrow

Saibou Drame

Kelvin Herrera Hassan

Nicole Mendelson

Misty Moore

Nathan Pack

Michael Rockafellow

Christopher Schwarz

Zoe Swanton

Dalton Whaley

Sean Zimmer

Jake Madelone

Nicholas Mamone

Nicholas Smith

Keyden Costin

Michael Matroniano

Nathan Bruno

Kristin Darby

Adam Knauf

Graziano Spagnolo

Haley Swanson

Michael Fruce 

Marissa Pelosi

Elizabeth Parker

Brandon Rouleau

Adrienne Kiesl 

Joshua Eppley

Katie Beglinger

Hannah Marchitell

Kayla Cary

Erik Worden

Bethany Wawro

Raymond Phillips

Brittany Sharlow

Eileen Haffner

John Fuchs

Jamie Lee Rattray

Caitlyn Hennessey

Emily Riggi

Jennifer Karekos

Christopher Pelkey

Mathew Zarbo

Corey Ostrove

Adam Rainville

Marques Charlton

Garret Bochicchio

Douglas Staples

Lani Durio

Joseph Hens

James MacMartin

Christopher Gillingham

Brian Walsh

Gerald Brennan

Kevin May

Ryan Lewis

Dylan Caldiero

Rachel Skavina

Cameron Walsh

Brittani Terry

Bradford Viola

Brian Jacks

Douglas Upright

Christian Hiebner

Cody Sargood

Brandon Teetsel

Jon Podoliak

Trisha Dupnock

Kelly Balbian

Tiffanie Woods

Kyle Van Vleet

Stephanie Bauer