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The Clarkson Roundtable

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Roundtable & Inner Circle Benefits
The Roundtable recognizes visionary donors who make annual gifts of at least $2,500 to The Clarkson Fund or for a designated purpose. The Roundtable also recognizes Inner Circle members, who make annual contributions of $10,000 or more. Roundtable gifts make a major difference at Clarkson and are within reach for many donors.

When you become a member of The Clarkson Roundtable, you will receive:
  • Insider Webcast with the President
  • Invitation to attend the Roundtable Breakfast during Reunion Weekend
  • Thank-you videos
  • Recognition in Clarkson’s annual Donor Report
  • Visual recognition on campus in the Alumni Gateway
  • Two tickets to a Golden Knights hockey game (home or away)
In addition to the Roundtable benefits, Inner Circle members will receive:
  • A personal invitation from the President for an individual visit
  • Two additional hockey tickets

If you are a current Roundtable or Inner Circle member and would like more information about these benefits, please email


Molly Ball '14

Putting a Chill on Global Warming

Molly Ball '14 realized that keeping food cold is helping heat up the earth's atmosphere. Thanks to The Clarkson Fund's support of the Sustainability Fund, she measured the energy consumption of every refrigerator on campus - in labs, apartments, and dining halls. Read More