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Minor in Environmental Policy

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Minor in Environmental Policy
  1. Fifteen credits of environmental policy, nine of which must be in the 300 hundred level or higher courses. Courses are selected from Category I.
  2. Six credits of environmental science. Courses are selected from Category II.
  3. Three credits spread across the following areas:
    A. An independent research project (1 credit)
    B. An ES&P Multidisciplinary Project Course (1 credit)
    C. One of the following 1 credit courses from Category III.

Category I: 

Courses in Environmental Policy

ANTH270 Env., Tech, and Society PHIL270 American Environmentalism
PHIL410 Sustainability: Thry and Practice PHIL405 Wheres the Wild Things Are
COMM428 Public Debate and Env't PHI371 Energy and Society
COMM429 Issue Analysis and Advocacy POL220 American Politics
EC360 Environmental Economics POL250 Pol. in X-Nat'l Perspective
ES436 Glbl Clim. Ch: Sci, Eng, and Policy POL351 Globalization
LW270 Law and Society 1 POL371 Environmental Law
LW466 Law of the Workplace POL400 Constitutional Law
EM351 Quality Mgmt and Lean Enterprise POL470 Environmental Policy
EM361 Supply Chain Env Mgmt POL471 Energy Policy
SOC330 Health, Wealth, Ineq., and the Env't

Category II: 
Course Offerings in Environmental Science
BY140 General Biology I BY 160 General Biology II
BY222 General Ecology CM221 Spectroscopy
BY224 General Ecology Lab CM223 Spectroscopy Lab
BY314 Bioinformatics CM371 Physical Chemistry
BY320 Microbiology CM 476 Atmospheric Chemistry
BY322 Microbiology Lab CM 434 Air Pollution Controls
BY328 Conservation Biology EHS309 Industrial Hygiene
BY340 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology EHS310 Intro to Industrial Hygiene Lab
BY420 Evolution EHS405 Methods and Analysis
BY425 Bio Systems and Env Change EHS416 Princ. of Toxicology and Epidemiology

BY/EV330 Great Lakes Water Pollution

EV/CE 435 Groundwater

BY431 Limnology ES 432 Risk Analysis
CE301 Eng. Measurements CE480 Env. Quality
CE340 Intro. to Env. Engineering CE481 Hazardous Waste Mgmt.
ECE470 Hydraulic Engineering CE482 Environmental Systems
CE474 Engineering Hydrology CE491 Senior Design Project
CE479 Water & Wastewater Treatment Processing CE486 Industrial Ecology

 *No more than six (6) credits of the engineering classes can be applied towards an Environmental Science Minor.

Category III:
Three courses spread across the following areas: (These can be projects from classes or specific course. )  

A.     An independent research project (1 credit equivalent))
B.     An ES&P Multidisciplinary Project Course (1 credit equivalent)
C.     One of the following 1 credit courses (EV 100, 300, or 305)

*Additional courses may be taken to fulfill the minor requirements with permission from the director.