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Evan Jennings with some of his speed cubing products

Evan Jennings, Young Entrepreneur
Evan Jennings, a home-schooled high school student from Lowville N.Y., was named the winner of the Young Entrepreneurs Award.  Jennings won the Young Entrepreneurs Award for his business the E3cubestore Rubik's Cube and Puzzle Shop. The business is an e-commerce site that sells puzzle cubes designed for speed solving and competition. He will begin as a freshman at Clarkson in the fall.

"Recognizing an opportunity in the puzzle cube market, Evan started E3Cube store when he was just fifteen years old," says Erin Draper, director of operations of the Reh Center for Entrepreneurship. "He embodies the traits we look for in a young entrepreneur -- passion, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of his market. We were impressed by his ambition and his entrepreneurial achievements to date and are looking forward to helping him realize even greater potential as part of the Young Entrepreneurs Program."

Find E3Cube Store online at:

Briar Bonadonna, Young Innovator
Honeoye Falls-Lima High School student Briar Bonadonna of Honeoye Falls, N.Y., was named the winner of the Young Innovators Award. Bonadonna was named the winner of the Young Innovators Award for her business idea the PodBottle. She has a provisional patent on the innovation, which is a bottle that can store your keys, phone, etc. She will begin as a freshman at Clarkson in the fall.

"Briar Bonadonna brings an enthusiasm and passion for her technology and the process of commercialization to the Young Innovator’s Program," says Matt Draper, deputy director of the Shipley Center for Innovation. "Her professionalism and preparation set her apart in the competition and her innovation strikes at an everyday market need with tremendous potential for growth. We are excited to start working with Briar and are confident that her energy and vision will inspire others on campus to pursue their innovations."

Prometheus Safety Solutions Logo

Paul B. Hyman, Young Innovator
Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School student Paul B. Hyman of Port Washington, N.Y., was named the winner of the Young Innovators Award. Hyman won for Prometheus Safety Solutions, a company that designs innovative and creative technologies for emergency responders and improves home appliance safety. He began at Clarkson as a freshman in August 2012 and is studying Engineering and Management.

“Prometheus Safety Solutions is dedicated to the utilization of innovative and creative technologies at not only the lowest possible cost, but also the highest quality to ensure the safety of emergency responders and the victims of any incident, as well as to guarantee the efficiency in action during any aided scenario,” says Hyman.

Hyman currently has two products and several sub-products designed, including a fully integrated thermal enhanced-infrared (FITE-IR) self-contained breathing apparatus and dryer fire prevention system.

“Paul Hyman represents the definition of a Young Innovator at Clarkson and we are excited to name him as the first recipient of this award,” says Matt Draper, deputy director of the Shipley Center for Innovation. “Innovation is about identifying a problem, creating the solution, and implementing that solution in the market. Paul identified a problem near and dear to his heart and invented a complete solution that we look forward to helping him commercialize.”

Matthew Turcotte, Young Entrepreneur
Matthew S. Turcotte, CEO of North Shore Solutions and full-time Clarkson Student. Matthew S. Turcotte, 21, of Clayton, N.Y., was the first student to participate in Clarkson University’s Young Entrepreneur Award program which is currently accepting applications.  Read more about Matthew here.