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Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS), LLC

Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS), LLC


IDS has created a mobile point-of-sales application, OrdrIT, that enables spectators at entertainment venues to order concessions and merchandise from their seat, ultimately, facilitating increased concession sales revenue, streamlined point-of-sales processes, elimination of long lines at concessions, and the ability for venues to market themselves through discovery marketing. In addition, we have two solutions to accommodate venues of various sizes: our proprietary standalone solution based in the cloud and an integrated solution that easily integrates directly into a venue's POS system in a matter of hours.


Dietrich Diehl                                                                                                                     

Global Supply Chain Management, History minor

Andrew Wegner             

Finance, Mathematics & Computer Science minor

Chris Behrens   

Global Supply Chain Management, Literature minor 

Sean Cheung

Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Psychology

Stephen Akiki   

Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering