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Below is information to help students if they are taking the FE Exam. There are lecture captures as well as links to files or slides to help you study for the exam. These may take a moment or two to load.

Spring 2017


Solid and Hazardous Waste Management


Construction Scheduling

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Notes

Electricity and Magnetism, Circuits


Materials Science


Dynamics Hand Out

Previous Review Sessions

2016 Recorded Sessions Thermodynamics Materials Science
or here Economics Fluid Mechanics Electric Circuits 
or here EIT_Circuits_Review_Spring_2014, Lecture 1: 
EIT_Circuits_Review_Spring_2014, Lecture 2: Statics Dynamics

Past Review Session Links

Lecture notes

2016 Dynamics Handout


Electrical Circuits

Strength of Materials 1

Strength of Materials 2

Strength of Materials 3

Strength of Materials 4

Materials Science 1

Materials Science 2

Materials Science 3

Materials Science 4

Economics Review Questions.pdf