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Eric Bomyea '10 Digital Arts & Sciences

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Like most students, I had not made a decision as to where I wanted to take my education before entering college. I had interests in a variety of subjects (Art, Business, Political Science/Theory, Philosophy, Math, and Video Game Design), but I could not pinpoint exactly what I wanted to pursue. 

When I came to Clarkson for an open house, I was introduced to the Digital Arts & Science program. It was explained to me that it was an interdisciplinary major that would allow me to combine all of my interests into something creative and new. I jumped the gun and enrolled Digital Arts.

After my first year here I was on the verge of swapping Digital Arts for another less math/science intensive major. However, sticking with the major has been the most rewarding experience; the challenge is half the fun. 

It just took time for me to realize the potential Digital Arts has. Like a degree in a traditional art, one must learn their tools of creation; creating a relationship between an artist and their medium. At Clarkson, we combine math and computer science with art, with the intention of learning new software while also being able to understand the technicalities behind the user interface. This knowledge has helped greatly in how I see and develop my projects.