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Undergraduate Programs

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Computer Science Undergraduate Program

The Computer Science curriculum provides a solid basis in fundamental topics such as programming, data structures, algorithms, languages, operating systems, and compilers. In addition, there is a variety of optional courses such as artificial intelligence, graphics, software, networks, and cryptography. There is enough flexibility in the program to allow students to develop other interests at the level of a minor or even a double major.

Computer Science Labs and Organizations
        ACM Student Chapter
        Clarkson Open Source Institute (COSI)
        IDEA Club (ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter)
        Internet Teaching Lab (ITL)
        Virtual Reality Lab (VR)

    Computer Science Major
        Overview of the Curriculum
        Student Handbook
        Checklist (classes of 2016 and later)
        Checklist (classes of 2010 to 2015)
        Option Declaration Form

    Professional Experience Documents
        Pre-Approval Form
        Letter to Supervisor
        Final Approval Form