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John M. Shumway

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John M Shumway, L.C.S.W
Counselor/Special Projects Coordinator

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Advanced Certificate Clinical Social Work


Bachelor of Arts (BA) St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Master of Social Work (MSW) New York University
New York City
Advanced Certificate Clinical Social Work
New York University

Philosophy of Counseling:

• Counseling is a caring, accepting and trusting clinical experience of the highest professional regard for the students’ feelings, health, and welfare.
• Counseling is a confidential safe space for the student to share inner-most thoughts and concerns to discover ways of coping with stress, anxiety and depression.  An exploration of feelings and behaviors moving toward healthy and positive change.
• Counseling is breaking through the emotional walls of isolation, avoidance and denial and having the strength to ask for help!
• Counseling is an opportunity to get back on track.  A new beginning with a focused plan.  A feeling better about yourself.  A building of confidence.


After a horrible start at the University of Minnesota, I dropped out and lost my personal direction in life.  I served two tours of duty in a place called Vietnam.  I lived through that experience and felt deeply grateful to have survived.  Back in the world, I hit the ground running toward the university education I took for granted and never looked back.  I attended Normandale Junior College (Minnesota), St. Cloud State University (Minnesota) and New York University in NYC (The Big Apple).  Throughout my life I have met some wonderful mentors who took the time to help direct my journey and keep me on the right path.  It’s basically what I do now as a counselor here at Clarkson.  I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, substance abuse programs and in private practice.  I have 30 years of clinical experience working with adolescents, college students, and their families and I still enjoy, and at appropriate times, have fun being a counselor.  I have a wonderful partner in my spouse Denise and two daughters ages 24 and 22.  I live on a lake 20 minutes from Clarkson University.  I enjoy all sports and have season tickets to watch our Clarkson Knights.  I actively pursue the sport of fishing, kayaking, hiking and biking.  Recently my wife and I bought some hi-tech snow shoes and enjoy trekking though the beautiful deep snow.  In my youth, I played a lot of football and enjoy watching professional football as well as college basketball.