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Donna M. Pelletier

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Donna M Pelletier, Administrative Secretary


Associate Administrative Secretary (AAS)
Canton College of Technology, Canton, NY

Philosophy of Counseling:
When someone seeks help from another person, whether it is a mental health counselor on campus or out in the community, they may find comfort, understanding and a prospective that they may not have seen about themselves or others.  Talking to someone can certainly ease the anxiety once issues are verbalized; so no matter where you are in life, reaching out is the first step.


Born in New York City, moved to New Jersey for a few years and then moved up to the north country when I was 10.  I have lived in Potsdam since.  Growing up in a rural quiet community has it positives, and so I chose to stay here as an adult when I got married.  I have 2 sons, one daughter and one granddaughter.  I attended Canton ATC (now SUNY Canton) as a non-traditional student and graduated in 1990.  After graduation, I worked in a local furniture business; worked at Planned Parenthood of NNY; and also worked for a surgeon prior to coming to Clarkson in 1998.  Many changes have taken place over the years during my tenure here at Clarkson, but what never changes for me is how I can assist with meeting the needs of the students that come in seeking help.  Additionally, while working here at Clarkson, I advised international students.  In that experience, it showed me personally a true reality of just how diverse the world really is as I was meeting students from so many different countries.  It also gave me the opportunity to travel. I have maintained contact with several of the students.  I enjoy walking, kayaking, hitting the trails on 4-wheelers and hunting with my husband, and “retail therapy”.