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Students, alumni, faculty and staff: take Clarkson on the road and win! Submit current or past photos of yourselves in front of a cool spot, either in your hometown or on vacation, to #clarksonjourney on Twitter and Instagram, or post them onto our Facebook wall. You must be wearing some type of Clarkson apparel in the photo!

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Sarah French '09 on vacation in Alma, New Brunswick, Canada, right outside Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy.

Evan Williams '09 on top of giant Mountain in the Adirondacks.

Cindy Stempel Janke '85 during a visit to a hydro facility in Fort Peck, Montana!

Kristin Pugh Via '01 On Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Jonathan Fearer ’14 studied abroad in Luleε, Sweden last spring; he posed for a photo with the Luleε Foreign Hockey Legion, including students from Sweden, Spain, Germany, and France!

Alumna Karyn Smith Graves Disney World

Jim Putnam ‘07 Manukan Island, Borneo, Malaysia. I've been working in Asia for the past three years, mostly between Malaysia and South Korea.

Alyssa Schabel '15 Great Wall of China near Beijing, China

Kristian Brown ’15 on top of Mount Washington

David Jones ’11 at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Ca.

Morgan Ellingham ’15 at Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands, NY

Doug Parsons '87 Biking on the trails around Little Massabesic Lake outside beautiful Manchester, NH!

Jessica Draper ’15 on top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Jessica Burl '15 at a Buffalo Sabres/ Ottawa Senators Game at Ottawa Civic Center Arena! (The Sabres won)

John Sherry ’16 at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Alumna Karyn Smith Graves NHL Draft Party at the Xcel Center in Minnesota

Joshua Blauvelt '02 and Erin ODriscoll Blauvelt 04 with Denali (Mount McKinley) in the clouded background.

Kara DiNatale '14 in front of the S.S. Ticonderoga, the last side-wheel vertical beam steam boat in the world, which is now docked on land at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

Alicia Cabrera ‘15 At Black Bear Mountain near Inlet, N.Y.

Kevin Lobdell ‘06 Seven Clarkson students and 7 Clarkson alums that were taken at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, after the closing session of Sigma Chi's Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.

Christina Duong '17 sending her greetings from Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca.

Nate Hurwitz '17 was rocking Clarkson shorts in his summit of 5,000 ft. Mount Liberty, NH earlier this summer!

Carlos Mesquita ’11 took this photo of Craig Buell ’12 draped in Clarkson apparel in Boston.

Crecent Islam ‘13 and Ryan Yen (CU '16) recently rode their bikes on Cape Cod, Mass.

Ethan Ross-Hixson '17 in Keene Valley, NY

Jen McKinney, a student in Clarkson's Physician Assistant program, at Pink's in Los Angeles

Monica George ’16 in front of Big Ben, London

Casey Abraham '17 took these pictures of her father representing Clarkson in the Swiss Alps!

Matt Bunal ’13 in Tioga Center, NY

Andrew Pucci ‘07 sported Clarkson gear while skydiving at Canton airports in Alliance, Ohio

Nathan Cote ’11 at Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Daniel J. Horn '15 on a #ClarksonJourney at Williamsburg, Va

Colin Lennon ’15 at the L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine

Graduate students Kyle Monahan and Cody Sargood at a ceramic water filtration factory in Kumi, Uganda. They toured the SPOUTS of Water filter production facility in early June for their research here at Clarkson and had a great time!

Michael Valentine '85 ECE, Okc Riversport Masters Kayak Team member at the Devon Boathouse. The Oklahoma River racecourse is the only lighted venue for flat water sprint canoe and kayaking in the world!

Scott Germain ‘87 Father and Son graduates: Raymond Germain ‘58 and Scott Germain ‘87- Willsboro Bay, Lake Champlain, NY

Evan Williams ’09 snapped this photo while he was studying abroad with his future wife, Hillary, in New Zealand in 2008

Anne Rice ’96 snapped this photo of her children Nicholas and Hayden Rice in Aiea, Hawaii where they live. If you look between them you can see the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri and beyond them the Pacific Ocean

Bob Pelletier ’13 on the hunt in Scarborough, Maine

Alumna Karyn Smith Graves Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nathan Cote ’11 at the summit of Mount Washington, N.H.

Colby Sortevik '11 serving in Afghanistan!

Kelly Bauch ’13 took this picture with her friends on top of New York’s Azure Mountain.

Emily DeBruin ’17 At the summit of Jay Peak, Vermont

CU Doctors without Borders Bayley LeCours Alycia Short Hikari Mamata,Zachary Towne and Tyler Hitchman members of Clarkson's Doctors Without Borders Group, atop Machu Piccchu during a Medical Humanitarian Initiative Trip in 2013!

Becky Jansehgo ’15 (left) in Hooskett, NH

Kyle Snyder '08 on top of Elk Mountain in Washington's Olympic National Park!

Becky Jansehgo ’15 with Amanda Borok ’15 in Sackets Harbor, NY

David Jones ’11 at the Hoover Dam, Nevada

Shravanthi Manikonda, M.S Mechanical 2005 celebrating the Indian festival of Holi (Festival of Colors) in a Clarkson hoodie

Laura Mandell snapped this photo of current and future Clarkson alumni at the Southern California freshmen sendoff picnic in Pasadena!

Kelly Chezum '04 Clarkson’s vice of marketing and external relations, whitewater rafting during the recent ADK challenge in Indian Lake.

Rob Overton '90 wearing a beard of bees in a Oliverbridge, NY bee yard.

Lindsey Hoffman '07 Acadia National Park, Maine

Ethan Ross-Hixson '17 with a parrot on top of his head in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Jason Holmes, Class '06 on top of Japan's Mt. Fuji!

Scott Adams '87 on vacation in Park City, Utah.

Nathan Cote ’11 at the Hoover Dam, Nevada

David Jones ’11 on top of the Empire State Building in Clarkson gear.

Ashley Dehond ’15 and Trevor Blackwell ’15 make the CU sign. They are interning for GE aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio this summer.

Claire Berrigan '16 (TCS '13) Clarkson University Potsdam, NY

Ryan DaRin ’17 right, met Emily Fountain ’17 while he was vacationing on Nantucket this summer! They worked together to submit this photo.

Blaise Barra '15 Wellsboro, PA

Hillary Williams (nee Lockwood) ’09 Summer of 2006 - representing the Clarkson University Volleyball team at one of the glaciers in Norway.

Colin Weidner '14 Standing at 9,200 ft. elevation on top of Mt. Lemon overlooking Tuscon, Az.

Susan Verra '17 submitted this photo from Lake George

Michael Griffin Chicago, IL lat

Jared Smith '13 University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Austaralia

Kirstie Nicol ’12 was recently in Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming!

Amy Castranova '04 represented Clarkson while skydiving in New Zealand!

Jen McKinney, a student in Clarkson's Physician Assistant program, in Hollywood, Ca

Amanda Rankin ’11 at the Houston, Texas MEPS (military entrance processing station). Her next Clarkson journey will be as a member of the Texas Air National Guard!

Shea Evans ’16 (DPT) wearing Clarkson while fishing in Alaska’s Kenai River