News from the IEEE Biometrics Council

Dr. Stephanie Schuckers elected Vice President of Finance

In January 2012, the IEEE Biometrics Council announced Dr. Stephanie Schuckers was elected as its’ Vice President of Finance.  Dr. Schuckers is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University and serves as the Director of the Center of Identification Technology Research (CITeR), a National Science Foundation Indus-try/University Cooperative Research Center. She received her doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Michigan. Professor Schuckers research focuses on processing and interpreting signals which arise from the human body.

Dr. Schuckers’ work is funded from various sources, including National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, Department of Homeland Security, the Center for Identification Technology, and private industry, among others. She has started her own business, and has over 25 journal publications as well as over 40 other academic publications.

The mission of the IEEE Biometrics Council is to advance and coordinate throughout IEEE, the work in the field of biometrics technologies and applications and to expand IEEE's role in this interdisciplinary area.

The fields of interest of the Council include the theory, design, and application of biometric characterization of human beings, based on physical and/or behavioral features and traits, in particular for identification, identity verification, and encryption.

The Council promotes technical activities, sponsors technical meetings and sessions, publishes periodicals, promotes educational activities, develops standards, and engages in any other activity defined within its fields of interest.


Dr. Arun Ross receives Best Poster Paper Award

During the International Joint Conference on Biometrics 2011, a Best Poster Paper Awards was selected from among each day’s poster presentations by a vote of the attendees at the conference. There was a tie on one of the days which included “On Co-training Online Biometric Classifiers” by Himanshu Bhatt, Samarth Bharadwaj, Richa Singh, and Mayank Vatsa, all from IIIT Delhi, and Afzel Noore and Arun Ross, from West Virginia University.

CITeR: Center for Identification Technology Research

CITeR Contact Information:
Clarkson Phone: 315-268-6536
WVU Phone: 304-293-1455
Arizona Phone: 520-621-5818
UB Phone: 716-645-1558
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