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Periodically, CITeR makes available for download specific software developed as a part of its research portfolio which Center Members believe may be of significant value to the biometrics community. Regular CITeR Members have already received executable versions of these software tools and work with CITeR faculty in their use and advancement.

Software tool downloads contain documentation but are otherwise unsupported research versions. No guarantees are either expressed or implied regarding these public research versions.

  • PRESS: PRESS is a tool to help researchers to analyze data collected on biometric authentication devices. It has been created at St. Lawrence University, through generous funding from CITeR. PRESS is designed to simplify the analysis of bio-authentication data by making it easy for the user to create many of the basic statistical summaries in common usage. These include: confidence intervals, genuine vs. imposter histograms, EER calculation and ROC curves. In addition PRESS has a tool for determining the number of individuals that need to be tested under certain specified conditions. PRESS handles data either in text or Excel format. It has been designed by Dr. Michael Schuckers (St. Lawrence University) and coded by Nona Mramba (University of Maryland) and C. J. Knickerbocker (St. Lawrence University). PRESS and accompanying documentation will be available at the following website
  • MUBI: MUBI addresses the growing interest in the prediction and evaluation of performance of systems which integrate multiple biometric devices. Starting with the information about matching scores of each individual biometric device, MUBI generates their respective ROC curves. Then, it calculates the whole range of performance characteristics (genuine accept vs. false accept rates) of different multibiometric system configurations. Finally, the tool assists users with the selection of cut-off scores of each individual device, such that they meet the desired performance goal. The tool was developed under the direction of Dr. Bojan Cukic of West Virginia University. Its JAVA implementation was completed by Martin Mladenovski, currently with Microsoft. MUBI tool and the accompanying documentation will be made available for download at
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