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  • Two More Students Awarded Goldwater Scholarships 

    Two more Clarkson honors students have been awarded prestigious Goldwater Scholarships, & one has received an honorable mention. 

  • Cleaning Water with Water 

    Selma Thagard is working on purifying drinking water with a different form of water: plasma. 

  • Christy Petuczok

    A Competitive Advantage 

    When it came to apply to grad schools, Christy Petruczok '08 was confident that her experiences at Clarkson would make her stand out. She was right. 

  • Professor Philip K. Hopke appointed to EPA Clean Air Subcommittee

    Engineering and Air Pollution Policy 

    Professor Philip K. Hopke has been appointed to an EPA Clean Air Subcommittee, which will provide independent review and advice to the govenment agency concerning issues related to ambient air monitoring methods for air pollutants as regulated under the Clean Air Act. 

  • Solid Skills. Solid Career Prospects. Solid Future 

    Even in an uncertain economy, opportunities for chemical engineering graduates continue to grow. According to the latest figures from the  AIChE,  employers plan to hire nearly 20% more ChemE grads this year than in 2010. There’s more good news: salaries are up an average of nearly 6% over last year, with a current average starting salary of $66,886. 

  • A Career Takes Off 

    Hope Matis '06 is working as a chemical engineer at General Electric's Global Research facility, taking on several projects in a variety of fields and working alongside "some of the most brilliant scientific minds in research."


  • Adam Tatusko '00

    Jack of All Trades 

    Adam Tatusko '00 has tried it all, from industry to the military to earning a Ph.D. from MIT. 

Featured Content

Featured Content

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