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Clarkson Based Resources

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Knightlink is your first stop. It’s easiest and has a multitude of ways to be beneficial: If you are not sure how to maximize it….we’ll help! Positions featured here are listed by employers who specifically seek a CU graduate.  

  • OCR-On-Campus recruiting. Employers who want to travel to Clarkson and interview students can do so free in our interview rooms upstairs in the ERC. Watch…you will see them all year.
  • Off-Campus recruiting. Some employers prefer to access talent remotely, so we virtually “take you to them” by offering resumes which they can review online and then contact you directly. If an employer calls you and wants to invite you to their site to interview, don’t wonder where they heard about you….they saw your resume through Knightlink!  Regularly we offer to collect appropriate resumes and send them before employers ask for them! Click “yes”, to the resume book question.  Remember – your profile information is how the system finds which resumes are appropriate, so if you haven’t updated it for a couple of semesters, you won’t fit the “Junior or Senior” criteria!
  • Employer contacts are available through Knightlink.  Look at archived listings to see the type of positions they have had in the past even if they have none as you are searching. Then contact them.  Write them a “prospecting letter”. Their contact information is in Knightlink, and chances are, they will be looking again. Your initiative might time it perfectly.
  • NACELink -  You can find additional employers/positions through the advance search embedded in Knightlink called NACELink. Don’t forget about this as it is populated by positions targeted toward students from employers who have a list of “key schools” they only hire from; Clarkson is a key school of a number of top employers.
  • Employer networking & Information sessions-Employer Events tab.  You’re familiar with Fairs, but there are other ways to make an impression in person.  Go to an employer Information Session.  Listen and learn.  Ask intelligent questions.  It will get you on their radar.  Often they offer food; RSVP to make sure there is enough to go around.

CareerShift: Create an account with your CU email (free and sponsored by Career Center).

  • Search, and store job listings from job boards and company postings. 
  • Up-to-date, and in-depth contact information for contacts at thousands of companies.
  • Record, save and store your correspondence history automatically, and create personal marketing campaigns.

 Career Advisors/Coaches/Counselors

  • Arrange a time to meet with one of us to form a partnership.  We seek to be active participants in your search: suggesting targeted contacts, new employers, unique tactics, multiple strategies, and other aspects of a successful search.
  • Business Cards for recruiters who have visited Clarkson are catalogued in the Career Center for students’ use.