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One of the most valuable resources to current students and graduates is the means to interact with Clarkson alumni. Graduates of Clarkson work in a variety of industries and organizations, as well as have attended numerous graduate programs. The Alumni Group offers you an easy introduction to Clarkson alumni and allows you to seek guidance, advice, and feedback in an open and confidential manner. Most alumni are willing to share their time, knowledge and assistance. In order to maximize contacts and to participate in the Alumni Group, students can reference the user guide below with tips on how to initiate contact once their request to join this group in LinkedIn has been received.

       Students: Please join the group and review the student guide and training presentation for more information on setting up and using your LinkedIn account.
       Alumni: Interested in becoming a mentor? Check out our mentor guide and join the group.

Please keep in mind that this program is not designed for students to directly solicit job and internship opportunities. The Career Center and Alumni Association reserve the right to remove your profile from the system for inappropriate messages and discussion topics.


Would you like to benefit from the expertise of Clarkson alumni when it comes to having your resume reviewed, doing a practice interview via Skype, or other career specific tasks? The Career Center is working on establishing a database of Alumni Career Advisors who can help you with specific requests. The Career Center will match you with the alumnus most likely to be of assistance and coordinate that initial contact. Please visit the Career Center for more information.


MentorNet is the award-winning national e-mentoring network that addresses the retention and success of those in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program has been especially effective for women by providing real-world access to professional networks often unavailable to them in the male-dominated fields of science and engineering.

Student proteges are matched in one-on-one e-mentoring relationships, usually through email -- with mentors who have professional work experience. MentorNet provides the training, coaching and ongoing support to foster meaningful matches.

To become a member of the MentorNet community, please visit Complete your profile and specify what you're looking for in a mentor and they will match you with someone from one of their 2000+ employers.

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