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How to Report a Co-op

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Do you have a co-op offer? Please follow these instructions in order to report your co-op:

1. Meet with your academic advisor
Your academic advisor can help you fit the co-op experience into your course schedule, allowing you to still graduate on time (in most cases). Before you leave for a co-op, your academic advisor will need to sign an academic plan (located on the sidebar Quick Links in Knightlink), detailing the courses you will take when you get back to Clarkson. Students may use the academic plan to register for classes remotely since Clarkson uses a web-based course registration system.

2. Report your Co-op
Congratulations! You’ve been offered a co-op position. To ensure that everything is taken care of on Clarkson’s end — tuition freeze, housing arrangements, mail forwarding, etc. — you will need to submit an official Co-op Application to the Career Center. We’ll take care of the rest.

Steps to Reporting a Co-op:

  1. Log into Knightlink ( First time users – if you don’t know your password, click the forgot password link to set one up 
  2. Click on the “PROFILE” tab and select “PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE”
  3. Click on the “Add New Experience” button, fill in your information and submit
  4. After submitting, you will receive an email confirming your submission and outlining the next steps

CO-OP STUDENTS ONLY: Your paperwork should include an Academic Plan form (located on the sidebar Quick Links in Knightlink), which is completed through a meeting with your advisor. If you do not have this right away, you can always fill out as much information as possible, “save as draft” and complete the paperwork at a later date.

QUESTIONS? Contact or call 315-268-6477

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