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Matthew Hadfield ‘11
Biology major, minor in cognitive neuroscience and concentration in pre-med
Gouverneur, N.Y.

After Matt transferred from SUNY Potsdam in 2009, he decided to take the two years he had at Clarkson and do as much as he could. So, he's currently a member of Tri-beta (the biology honor society), the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, the men's club hockey team, and he's a research assistant for Associate Professor of Biology Ken Wallace. We met up with Matt to see how his summer is going and more. Check it out.

Q: Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.
A: I grew up an hour from Potsdam, so my dad and I had season tickets to Clarkson games from the time I was six.

Q: What has been your favorite class so far or your favorite professor?
A: I would have to say organic chemistry. It's a really tough class, but I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that I finished it, and with a good grade! 

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Fast food. I spend way more money on it than anything else throughout the year, which tends to be a problem!

Q: Do you have any special talents?
A: I've actually worked at the hospital in Potsdam for the last two years as a phlebotomist, so I've been able to draw blood from people for a while now.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: I'd have to say my dad; he's the hardest working person I know by far.

Q: What are your plans for summer?
A: I'm working at Clarkson and in the operating room at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. We've been working on a project to make surgery more efficient and safe so I'm pretty excited to work on that.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: I'd like to complete medical school, and then work in one of the surgical subspecialties.

Q: If you could come back as any animal, which would it be?
A: A polar bear - no explanation required.

Q: What is your favorite spot on campus?
A: Definitely Bene pizza and pasta at Cheel. I think they were able to hire another part-time worker from the money I spend there alone.

Q: Who is your favorite musician/band and why?
A: I've always been a big Nirvana fan, even though they've been outta the spotlight for a good fifteen years now.

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Matt Hadfield