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Room Reservations

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All public meeting spaces on campus are visible and available for scheduling through your email account and Outlook calendar. You may invite a room just as you would any other participant in your meeting, and within the bounds of the policy of the room, reserve it any time of day or night without contacting the Service Center. This self-service approach will make selecting and reserving rooms for study sessions, interviews, meetings and conferences easier and less time-consuming for the campus community.

To book the Student Center Forum, Multipurpose Rooms, Dining Hall and Bar area please contact Room Reservations at or at x6767 (see policy below).

To book CUSA 123 or 121, email (these spaces are for student use only).

Room reservation guidelines
The Student Center Committee has developed the following regulations to make reservations in the building:

  • The following areas in the Student Center can be reserved: Multipurpose Rooms, Dining hall, Forum, and Bar 9.
  • This building was designed with student groups and organizations in mind
  • Faculty and Staff are encouraged to reserve space for meetings only from 8am-1pm when student activity is low in the building.
  • Reservations from professors or staff later in the day will be accepted only if they are putting on events geared towards and inclusive of all students pertaining to co-curricular life
    • Seminars
    • Speakers
    • Career workshops
  • Classes should not be held in the Student Center
  • Outside organizations are not welcome to reserve rooms in this space while classes are in session