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Ph.D. Theses Supervised

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 Ph.D. Theses Supervised:

  1. Collision-induced dissociation of shock-heated diatomic mole¬cules: M. Ramakrishna (1977).
  2. Energy transfer in CO2 polyatomic molecule mixtures using laser induced fluorescence: P.R.M. Rao (1978); (co supervised by Dr. Y.V.C. Rao).
  3. Vibrational relaxation rate measurements in pure SO2, SO2 Ar and SO2 He mixtures: V.V.N. Kishore (1978); (co supervised by Dr. V. Subba Rao).
  4. Dissociation rate measurements in SO2 behind incident shock waves: M. Tyagaraju (1979); (co supervised by Dr. V. Subba Rao).
  5.  Phase equilibrium studies in CO2 using thermodynamic perturbation theory: Ratan Mohan (1984).
  6. Thermal, photon- and plasma-induced processes in polymers: V. Srinivasan (1986).
  7. Laser and plasma-enhanced deposi¬tion of refractory powders and films: M. David (1990).
  8. Laser and plasma-induced deposition of thin films: R. Padiyath (1993).
  9. Experimental and theoretical investigation of the excimer laser-induced ablation process: G. D'Couto (1993). 
  10. Plasma and laser-induced deposition and etching of diamondlike films: J. Seth (1993).
  11. Temperature distribution and adhesion in film-particle systems: S. Krishnan (1995).
  12. Corrosion and surface characteristics of a-C:H,F thin films: C.V. Srividya (1997).
  13. Evaluation and characterization of polyurethane chemical mechanical planarization polishing pads: K. Achuthan (1998).
  14. Chemical-mechanical polishing of thin copper films: Q. Luo (1997).
  15. Improved sub-micron particles for CMP slurries: H. Mariappan (2000).
  16. Novel slurries for CMP of metallic films: S. Ramarajan (2000)
  17. Doping and modification of diamondlike carbon films: I. Moskowitz (2001)
  18. Deposition and planarization of low-k dielectric films: V. Rajasekhar (2001)
  19. Role of film and particle properties during chemical-mechanical polishing: Y. Li (2001)
  20. Surface planarization of thin films: A. Jindal (2002) 
  21. Application of chemical mechanical planarization to charge coupled device technology: W. America (2002)
  22. Investigation of slurry systems in metal and dielectric CMP: Zhenyu Lu,  (2004)
  23. Relative roles of chemicals and abrasives in metal and dielectric chemical mechanical planarization: Jin Lu (2004)
  24. Chemical-mechanical polishing of metal and dielectric films for microelectronic applications: S. Hegde (2004)
  25. Role of slurry chemicals in chemical-mechanical planarization of copper interconnects: V. Gorantla (2004)
  26. Role of slurry chemicals in chemical-mechanical planarization of Copper: U. Patri (2005)
  27. Vesicle/Surfactant based slurries for metal planarization: Youngki Hong (2006)
  28. Carbon-based films for barrier applications: Suresh Ramakrishnan (2006)
  29. Chemical-mechanical planarization for MEMS application: Anita Natarajan (2007)
  30. Copper, barrier and Low-k film CMP processes: Vinay Meled (2007)
  31. Barrier and low-k film CMP investigations: S. Pandija (2007)
  32. CMP of Tantalum and Understanding the Effect of Abrasives in the Barrier Slurry using Modeling: V.K. Devarapalli (Dec 2009)
  33. Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Ta and TaN films: S.V. Janjam (Dec 2009)
  34. Development and Performance analysis of several new CMP slurries for Sub-30nm Cu Technologies: Charan Surisetty (March 2010)
  35. Tunable removal rates of, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and polysilicon films during chemical mechanical planarization: P.R. Veera Dandu (April 2010)
  36. Chemical mechanical polishing of Ge and InP for microelectronic applications (Shivaji Peddeti, July 2011)
  37. Novel slurry formulations and associated mechanisms for chemical mechanical polishing of poly-Si, SiO2 and Si3N4 films in microelectronic applications (Naresh Penta, Sept. 2011)
  38. Chemical mechanical polishing of Ru, Co and black diamond films (Brown Peethala, Dec. 2011)
  39. Dielectric and low-k film polishing (Hariprasad Amanapu, in progress)
  40. Polishing of hard mask films: Uma Ramesh Lagudu( in progress)
  41. Slurry development for Ge and In-P films: John B. Matovu (in progress)


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