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M.Tech/M.S. Theses Supervised

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M.Tech/M.S. Theses Supervised:

  1. Simulation of the performance of a continuous CO laser. (P. Ojha, 1974)
  2. Design and construction of a TE CO2 laser. (K. A. Dambal, 1975)
  3. Variational calculation of the thermodynamic properties of CO2. (M. Antony, 1977)
  4. Fabrication and characteristics of a chemical CO laser. (G. S. Kishore, 1977)
  5. Equation of state for polar and non polar fluids. (C. Pattnaik, 1979)
  6. Mechanism for n butane decomposition at high temperatures. (S. Subramanian, 1980)
  7. Thermal degradation of some polymers. (V. Srinivasan, 1982)
  8. Kinetics and mechanisms of a Riston negative photoresist. (J. Zubritsky, 1984)
  9. Laser drilling studies of plexiglas and epoxy/glass composites. (J. Potenza, 1984)
    The kinetics of the CF4/O2 plasma etching of polymers. (J. Rembetski, 1985)
    Optimization of Riston photopolymerization. (R. Geary, 1985)
    Transient response studies of plasma etching of polymers. (K. Mack, 1987)
    Additive bath circulation design. (N. Gretzinger, 1986)
  14. Excimer laser induced etching. (M. Armacost, 1986)
  15. Photoresist kinetics. (J. Ferrari, 1987)
  16. Cermet etching in plasma discharges. (E. Malocsay, 1987)
  17. Trans¬ient behavior of plasma reactors. (P. Scott, 1987)
  18. Excimer laser induced deposition of copper. (M. Ritz, 1987)
  19. Laser and rf plasma-induced deposition of copper films. (R. Padiyath, 1990)
  20. Engineering Multimedia (K. Tilstra, 1996)
  21. CD-ROM project on thin film technologies. (P. Srisudha, 1997)
  22. Deposition and characterization of indium-tin-oxide films (J. Li, 1996).
  23. Laser-induced ablation of ULE glass (R. Clark, 1996).
  24. Chemical-mechanical polishing of copper films (V. Rajasekhar, 1998).
  25. Deposition of high-k films by CVD (J. Dalton, 1998).
  26. Chemical-mechanical polishing of metal films (P. Teegapuram, 2000)
  27. Chemical-mechanical polishing of patterned structures (D. Stoll, 2002)
  28. Silica particle characteristics in chemical-mechanical polishing (S. Narayanan, 2002)
  29. Studies on abrasive particle breakdown & comparison of an experimental fixed abrasive pad with a 3-M fixed abrasive pad (U. Patri, 2003)
  30. Adhesion measurements for Cu and barrier film CMP (S. Pandija, 2005)
  31. Preparation and Evaluation of Mixed Abrasive Slurries for Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper and Tantalum (S. Janjam, 2006)
  32. Effect of various dopants on the barrier and optical properties of DLC films (Shilpa Rudrabhatla, 2006)
  33. Dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid as corrosion inhibitor in copper CMP: Charan Surisetty (Jan.2008)
  34. Selective chemical mechanical planarization of silicon dioxide over silicon nitride in STI process: Pradeep Dandu (Feb. 2008)
  35. Chemical mechanical polishing of Ta in silica based slurries: Shivaji Peddeti (April 2009)
  36. Chemical mechanical polishing of Ge in peroxide based slurries: Role of Ionic strength: John B. Matovu (April 2011)

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