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Professional Activities and Honors

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Professional Activities and Honors: 

IBM faculty award 2004, NCL Prof. K. Venkataraman Distinguished Speaker, CHEMCON 2003, India, 12/03; Inaugural Dongjin Lecturer, 2002 KSIEC Fall  Meeting, Ansan, and at Samsung, Seoul, Korea, 10/02; Keynote Speaker, LAM Research European Technical Symp., Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, France, 10/00; Plenary speaker, Indian Chem. Engg. Congress, Baroda, 1988


Co-organized symposia on Micro and Nano Technology, Joint AIChE/IIChE conf., Mumbai, Dec 2004, on Colloid chemistry at the Amer. Chem. Society meeting in Boston (8/02), Co-organized and co-chaired symposia on Chemical-mechanical planarization at the AIChE annual conf., Austin, Nov. 2004, the ’99, ’01, and ’02 Spring MRS meetings, San Francisco, and all the twelve annual meetings in Lake Placid, NY (1996-2007) and the 13th in Aug. 2008;


Invited speaker, Electrochem. soc./Int’l. semiconductor Tech. conf., Shanghai, 3/06, 3/07, and 3/08, 1st China semiconductor materials conf. Shanghai, 3/2008; Int’l conf. planarization Tech., Foster City, 10/06, and Dresden, 10/07; PacRim CMP conf. Seoul, 2005;  MRS Spring meeting, San Francisco, March 2005, ACS Annual Conf., San Diego, March 2005; at the Optical Soc. Annual Conf, Oct .2004 and the Northeast Regional ACS conf., Nov. 2004, both in Rochester; Semicon Japan 12/03; CMPUG Conf., Santa Clara, 9/03; World Congress on Adhesion, Orlando, Feb. 2002; Electrochemical Soc. Meeting, Phoenix, 10/00; Adv. Metallization Conf., Orlando, 9/99; 3rd Int’l Conf. on CMP for ULSI Multilevel Interconnection, Santa Clara, Feb., 98; Joint Int’l meeting of the Electrochem. Society and the Int’l Society of Electrochem., Paris, 9/97; Fundamenta­ls of Adhesion and Interfaces, ACS, Orlando, 8/96; Surface Engg. Symposium, ASM, Cincinnati, 10/96; Int’l Symposium on Beam Processing of Adv. Materials, Amer. Soc. Metals, Cleveland, 10/95; Invited Speaker, Int’l Conf.on Processing and Advanced Applications of Lasers, Palm Coast, Florida, May 1994; Indo-US Joint International Symp. on Multiphase Reactions and Reactors, Bombay, Dec. 1993; Int’l Conf. on Beam Processing of Advanced Materials, TMS/ASM meeting, Chicago, 1992. Invited speaker, International Workshop on Laser Ablation, Munich, Germany, June 1992; Also at IBM, Endicott in June 1992 and at 3M in St. Paul in Nov. 1992; Organizer and Co‑chair, Laser‑based Processing and Diagnostics of Materials, 20th Amer. Chem. Soc. NE Regional Meeting, Potsdam, NY, 1990. Co‑chair, Thermodynamics, Int’l. conf. on Adv. in Chem.­ Engg, Kanpur, India, 1989. Organizer and chair, Workshop on "Polymers in Electronic Packag­ing," Princeton, NJ, 1988. Invited speaker, Engg. Res. Foundation Conference on "Chem. Engg. Education in a Changing Environment," Santa Barbara, 1988; Organizer and chair, Seminar‑workshop on "Polymers in Electron­ics" at Plas‑Tech 86, Atlantic City, NJ, 1986.  Invited speaker, Soc. Photographic Scientists and Engg. meeting, Minneapolis, 1986.



Member, NSF SBIR panel, 8/96, 10/02; and NSF ERC Site Review Team, Center for Interfacial Engg., U. Minn, 6/95& 6/96;



Chair, Symp. on Semiconductor Manufactur. & Packaging, AIChE meeting, San Francisco, 11/94;



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Dr. S.V. Babu