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Graduate Business Association (GBA)

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The Graduate Business Association (GBA) is an organization managed by the graduate business students. The GBA is designed to foster a positive learning community through social events, service opportunities, and extra-curricular educational activities.

The GBA also acts as a primary mechanism for managing student concerns outside the classroom. We aim to provide opportunities to learn, build community, network, and have fun by applying the core values underlying the Clarkson School of Business Graduate Programs: resourcefulness bounded by integrity, accountability, collaboration, tolerance, understanding the value of diversity, resolve, confidence, and commitment to learning and excellence.
 Adopt a Highway

Each year, students organize fundraising events, which fuel some of the activities each year. These activities are encouraged to bring together faculty and students, while simultaneously building a stronger sense of community within each year’s class.

Some recent events include:

Adopt a Highway

Adopt-a-Highway Program 

Cultural Night 

Culture Night

   Intramural Sports 

Intramural Sports

Faculty Student Mixers 

Faculty/Student Mixers

 Faculty/Student Events

Faculty/Student Events

   Make a Difference Day 

"Make a Difference" Day

Here is a sample as to how students organize themselves each year. This model needs 24 volunteers who will be willing to put a few hours each semester to help the GBA accomplish its main goals - learning, community, network, and have fun. 

The GBA president, one person elected from each of the four action teams, the treasurer, and the advisor will meet monthly to coordinate, communicate, and be responsive to the needs of our graduate students, faculty, and staff (as seen below).


GBA President

One person elected by his/her peers to coordinate all efforts of the GBA.  This position is responsible for the accountability of action team leaders, communication between all members of the class, and will represent all GBA actions within the School of Business.

GBA Treasurer One person elected by the class to coordinate and maintain all financial transactions and associated documents pertaining to the GBA. 

Action Teams

Community Action Team (CAT) Plan and implement the Fall and Spring Adopt-a-mile Cleanup and BBQ events.
Fundraising Action Team (FAT) Plan and implement the Fall and Spring Fundraising Activities to aid in the funding for various events and banquets throughout the year.
Activity Action Team (AAT) Five people to plan and implement softball, cricket, skiing, and skating events.  This team will also coordinate social activities such as Holiday Mixers, Field Trips, and Cultural Night events.
Banquet Action Team (BAT) Five people to plan and implement the banquet in May.

Solutions Management Team  Three people, plus an advisor or faculty/staff member, meet regularly to address student concerns outside the classroom and facilitate problem solving among graduate students, faculty, and staff.