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Zach Gervais, '08

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Honestly, obtaining an MBA was never a goal of mine until my final year at Johnson State College. I had tested the job market, but nothing seemed like the right move.  I spoke with my advisor about my options and he suggested attending Clarkson University. He informed me the MBA program would be challenging and by getting my MBA I would significantly increase my value to potential employers and improve my business acumen. I then visited the campus and found Clarkson's MBA program was the right move for me.

I enjoyed being surrounded by other motivated and intelligent students. It was refreshing to be able to work in teams with other students who had a drive and determination that paralleled mine.

The employment search preparation is unbelievable. The workshops are great, the career fair is exciting, and the resume help is unparalleled. I owe a great deal to the MBA program at Clarkson and feel that it has advanced my career five to ten years. From my perspective and in my situation, the Clarkson Experience was truly beneficial.

During my second semester of the MBA program at Clarkson, I had interviewed with several companies in a variety of industries and locations. I had received strong offers from three companies and chose the company that was located closest to my hometown, Mylan Technologies Inc. MTI is a manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals located in St. Albans, Vermont. I am Team Leader, responsible for three packaging lines, one die-cutting line, and the supervision of twelve employees. My team consists of individuals ranging in age from 22 to 62. Each person has their own personality, learning style, and likes and dislikes. The teamwork structure of the MBA program at Clarkson taught me how to interact, communicate, and motivate all different types of people.

I try to utilize the skills and knowledge that I obtained from my MBA as often as I can. I write investigations, protocols, trainings, and other documents and have received several compliments on my writing abilities, which were refined during my studies at Clarkson. I attend financial meetings and use the analysis skills obtained during the MBA program to analyze reports and information. Everyday I am required to prioritize my schedule and manage my time in a manner that allows me to complete all of these duties—an important skill acquired through the intense requirements of the MBA program. In addition to all the business knowledge I obtained during my time at Clarkson, the one philosophy I will always remember about my experience was the phrase, "A white collar worker, with a blue collar work ethic." I actively try to incorporate this credo into my professional life as I feel it speaks volumes about a person's character.