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Global Business Programs

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In order to understand business today, you need to be familiar with global business. The global market is a reality. In every industry, firms that once dominated national markets find themselves today just as players in a larger and more competitive global marketplace.

Clarkson University offers global business program options that are designed to give you knowledge and new perspectives regarding international business. They will help you develop critical skills necessary to compete and succeed in the global market. All courses involve a multinational faculty and are taught in English. Each of the programs offers a unique opportunity to explore business outside the traditional classroom boundaries and to provide a unique experience to your resume.

To help you acquire a deeper understanding of the exciting changes taking place across the globe, the academic course work in each program will be augmented by a variety of other activities: talks by guest speakers; meetings with regional officials; and visits to local, national and multinational firms.

Global Business Program - Spring and Summer 2014

Past Programs Included:

Study Trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea(Spring 2014)
Study Trip to Greece and Italy (Spring 2013)
Study Trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam (Spring 2012)
Study Trip to Argentina and Chile (Spring 2012)
Study Trip to China (Spring 2011)

This study option offers students the opportunity to learn more about international business and economics by expanding the classroom to corporations in a foreign Country. Students spend two weeks visiting leading multinational firms while they are abroad, meeting with executives and learning about manufacturing, technology, supply chain, and innovation. This seminar is led by Clarkson faculty.

Reims Management School, Reims, France
Clarkson has teamed up with a leading French business school, Reims Management School in France. With the exchange program, students from Reims, France study at Clarkson during the fall or spring terms. Our students can attend the summer program in Reims, France. Their program has four consecutive sessions, each lasting two weeks, with two courses offered in each. Each course lasts one week and can fill the required three credit hour experiential course requirement.

Steyr University, Steyr, Austria
Another international study option offers students the opportunity to further their studies in the areas of logistics, global sales and/or intercultural management.  Steyr University offers specialized programs in Manufacturing and Management (PMT), International Logistics Management (ILM), Process Management and Health Care (PMG), E-Business (eBIZ) and Global Sales Management (GSM).  Courses have been developed in close co-operation with national and international enterprises. Great emphasis is placed on the acquisition of the key skills which make it possible, after appropriate professional experience, for students to obtain leading positions in internationally active enterprises. In partnership with Steyr University in Steyr, Austria students spend two weeks taking courses that include several company visits.

Some options take place during a two week spring break and other options are offered immediately following graduation in May.  If you select a summer global business program option, you can complete your graduation requirements in June and still participate in the graduation ceremony in May.