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 Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management

  • Significance and the Complexity of Global Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles
  • A Global Survey of Supply Chain Progress
  • Typical Dilemmas Faced by Supply Chain Professionals
  • Change in Supply Chain Strategy Over the Product Life Cycle
  • Emerging Trends

Measuring the Supply Chain Financial Performance

  • Linking Supply Chain Management and Financial Performance
  • Identifying Initiatives That Drive Financial Performance the Most
  • Supply Chain Collaboration and Financial Performance
  • Emerging Trends

Inventory Management and Logistics Strategies

  • Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Inventory Models
  • Forecasting
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Strategies
  • Strategic Positioning of Safety Stocks
  • Retailer/Supplier Partnerships
  • The Bullwhip Effect
  • Significance of Variation Around Averages
  • Emerging Trends

Global Sourcing

  • Integrated Supply Management
  • Outsourcing Benefits & Risks
  • Components of Supply Chain Management Costs
  • Major Challenges in Supply Chain Integration & Possible Solutions
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Metrics
  • Emerging Trends

Coping with Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Supply Chain Disruption Risks
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Operational Mitigation and Contingency Strategies
  • Option Value of Operational Flexibility
  • Emerging Trends

Mitigating Risk Through Contracting

  • Overview of Contracting Mechanisms
  • Strategies to Cope with Risk Through Contracting
  • Examples and Major Takeaways
  • Emerging Trends

Negotiations in Supply Chain Management

  • Understanding Power and Social Capital in Supply Chain Relationships
  • Leveraging the Human Dimensions of Supply Chains:  Perception, Influence, and Behavior
  • Hands-on Supply Chain Negotiation Exercise
  • Tangible Takeaways:  Tools for Effective Negotiations

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

  • Environmental Supply Chain Strategies
  • Real-world Decisions About Sustainability 
  • Emerging Trends 

Aligning Supply Chain Management with Corporate Strategy

  • The Strategy Process: An Overview
  • Linking Supply Chain Strategies to Corporate Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management/Strategy Alignment Outcomes
  • Integrating Lessons Learned
  • Emerging Trends
"The content and quality of the presentations made the seminar extremely beneficial."
— Herman Kelly, Senior Quality Manager, Dell Computer Corporation, Round Rock, Texas