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Biomolecular Science - Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

The best thing about Biomolecular Science is the variety of career opportunities available. The curriculum provides excellent preparation for industrial positions usually associated with either chemistry or biology degrees, but due to the depth and breadth of the coursework, students are much better prepared for careers in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology industries. With the proper choice of electives, students will be well prepared to enter graduate and professional programs across the entire spectrum of the chemical, biological, medical and health sciences. It would also be ideal preparation for the graduate program in physical therapy at Clarkson.

"The Biomolecular Science curriculum at Clarkson provided me with the knowledge and hands-on experience to compete for top of the line job opportunities. I used my experience to earn a master's degree in Biochemistry and I am now going to continue my studies in medical school."
— Dave Evans '03 earned his BS at Clarkson.

"My experiences at Clarkson, in both academics and research, prepared me well for graduate school. My undergraduate classes and research gave me an advantage in higher level coursework and provided a good background in many of the techniques that I now use in my thesis research."
— Cindy Koziol '02 is a second year graduate student in the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"Strong preparation in both chemistry and biology gave me the opportunity to have a research scientist position, usually reserved for people with master's degrees or many years of experience."
— Jessica Barse '96 was a Chemistry/Biology double major.