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Our Faculty & Staff

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Woodworth Craig Woodworth
Professor and Chair
210 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-2391

Patricia Burdick
149 Science Center
Phone:  315-268-3961

Richardson Diana Richardson
Administrative Assistant
177 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-3723
Illona Gillette-Ferguson Illona Gillette-Ferguson
Visiting Assistant Professor
153 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-4355

Cintia Hongay
Assistant Professor
143 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-3843

Stefanie Kring Stephanie Kring
Laboratory Technician
149 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-3961

Tom Langen
Associate Professor
163 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-7933


Damien Samways
Assistant Professor
210 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-7851

Schulte James Schulte
Associate Professor
212 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-4401
Twiss Michael R. Twiss
Professor and Executive Officer
167 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-2359
Wallace Kenneth Wallace
Associate Professor
165 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-4498
Vicki Wilson Vicki Wilson
Administrative Assistant
177 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-2342
Fax: 315-268-7118
kraus Petra Kraus
Research Assistant Professor
202 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-4263
Fax: 315-268-7118

Thomas Lufkin
Professor and Bayard and
Virginia Clarkson Endowed
Chair in Biology
155 Science Center
Phone:  315-268-6641

                  Courtesy Appointments
Michelle Crimi Michelle Crimi
Associate Professor
153 Science Center                    
Phone: 315-268-4174
Rossner Alan Rossner
Associate Professor
Director of Env. Health Sciences
104 Rowley Lab
Phone: 315-268-6470

Carolyn Zanta
Director of Pre-Health Advising & Freshman Advising
Assistant Professor of Biology
211 Snell Hall