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Assessing Student Progress in meeting the expectations of "The Common Experience"

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      To assist Clarkson in determining the effectiveness of "The Common Experience" curriculum, the Clarkson Integrated Outcomes Assessment Committee (CIOAC) initiated an assessment process, beginning with a multi-year writing assessment protocol. The protocol established several assessment points during a student's undergraduate curriculum including initial, midpoint and final writing assessments. The results for the first cohort of students (class of 2010) are summarized as follows:

Class 2010

Notes: The above statistics were calculated on a stratified sample of students selected from the freshman cohort entering in the fall of 2006. The initial "N" value represented slightly more than 10% of the entering class and was deemed statistically viable. These same students were tracked as part of the midpoint and final assessments.

The assessment process utilized a writing assessment rubric with five assessment variables including; Purpose, Organization, Details, Grammar and Syntax as well as Use of Sources. Though there were variable rates of improvement in each of the assessment categories, the overall trend demonstrated significant growth in student aptitude in each of the variable components.

Class of 2011

Class 2011