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If you are planning to join the Golden Knight Battalion this is your one stop shop to taking the steps you need to get on board.


To be in Army ROTC you need to enroll in the class. Whether you are taking it for a test drive, or you've known since you were a baby that you wanted to be an Army Officer the first step is to take the class. If you will be attending Clarkson and you tell us you want in then you will have the class on your schedule when you arrive in the fall. If you are at one of our partner schools you will need to help us out when you schedule your classes. If you are going to be attending a school other than Clarkson You will also need to submit a cross enrollment form signed to your registrar.

Here is when the classes are offered for Freshmen:

Tuesday 2:00 PM Section 1
Thursday  2:00 PM Section 2
Wednesday 2:00 PM Section 3

The class is called MS 111 Leadership and Personal Development.

You will also be expected to attend lab from 3:30 PM  to 5:30 PM on Thursdays.  The lab is the best part of the class.

The best plan is to attend section 2 and go right from class to lab each Thursday if you attend SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton, or St Lawrence.  If we have enough Cadets from Canton we may be able to schedule an additional section to be taught in Canton.  

PT is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0600. PT shouldn't conflict with your classes, and PT is not a required part of the class unless you are contracted, or have a scholarship offer.

If you run into trouble getting the class on your schedule contact us.


We hope you will get on board from the start and attend our orientation which will be held Friday, 25 August. This is not mandatory unless you are on scholarship.  We can arrange for you to move in the day before our orientation (a day earlier than the rest of the Clarkson freshman class) on 24 August. We will start the day at Cheel Arena and the ceremony will be held in front of Cheel at the flag poles. Here is the tentative schedule for orientation.

0900-1000 paperwork for contracting and new scholarship cadets
1000 Contracting ceremony for 4 year scholarship winners
1030 - 1200 Orientation Part 1 for new Cadets
1200 - 1300 Lunch - family and friends welcome
1300 - 1400 Information session for parents
1300 - 1600 Orientation Part 2 for new Cadets

At 1600 you can link back up with your parents and be back to being a regular Clarkson Freshman (or a freshman at our partner schools).

We understand that SUNY Potsdam doesn't start until the following Monday


We will ask you to fill out some paperwork at the beginning. As you will hear repeatedly none of this paperwork obligates you to serve. You'll know when you sign the contract and incurr an obligation. Until then we will ask you for access to your grades and medical status at some point to determine if you are qualified to serve. The paperwork we will ask for is here. We would like for you to fill it out ahead of time and bring it to orientation or scan and email it to us during the summer. Look it over and if you have questions or concerns contact us.  I'll also be asking for a copy of your High School transcripts. 


Finally a few things to think about over the Summer. Whether you plan for a career in the military or are just curious about the military we will attempt to instill some habits and values in you that will help you succeed. We look for Scholar/Athlete/Leaders so as you prepare to come to school remember that school will be your full time job for the next 4 years. If you come to school with that mindset you will be a successful scholar. Fitness is important to be healthy and happy. Get in the habit of working out on a regular basis and you will be a successful athlete. You may bring a ton of leadership with you, and you may need to be developed. Come with an open mind and the desire to do your best when challenged and you will be a successful leader.

We look forward to another great year here in the Golden Knight Battalion and are glad you are planning to join us.

From the Front!! Golden Knights!!

If you can't make it to orientation or would like to have some questions answered face to face before you sign up for the class here's where you can find us.  Remember it's never too late to sign up for the class.  We are always looking for the next great leader.

SUNY Potsdam

We will be in attendance for all of the orientation sessions scheduled over the summer.  You can find us in the Student Union prior to meeting with your advisor.  It would help if you did that before you finalize your schedule.  We will also be in the union during the first week of classes, by the bookstore.  You are also welcome to participate in our orientation.  If you let me know you are coming we can arrange to get you moved in early.

St Lawrence University

We plan to be at the Campus Resource Area on 27 August from 0830 to 1500.  I can also meet with any interested student t to get you signed up for the class.  I will need your help making sure your advisor knows you want to participate in Army ROTC.

SUNY Canton

We are planning to have a representative of the Golden Knight Battalion in the Student Center, by the one hop shop during orientation and movein weekend to help you get enrolled in the class .  Stop by to ask questions and get the cross enrollment form or contact us ASAP  If you want to be part of the program you need to make room in your schedule for class and lab and let us know you are interested.