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  • Alumni on the Map

    Alumni on the Map 

    With over 35,000 alumni worldwide, how many Clarkson alumni do you think Massachusetts has? 

  • Young Alumni in Boston 

    Check out what some of our more recent alumni are doing while living in Boston. 

  • Connect with Student Life

    Connect with Student Life 

    Check out Clarkson's Student Life Facebook and Twitter pages to see what great events we have for our students! 

  • Open House

    Don't miss our fall open houses! 

    Come to campus to learn more about our unique living-learning community at the foothills of the Adirondacks and the 3500 undergraduate and graduate students who call Clarkson home. 

  • Where do our graduates go after graduation? 

    Grad school, top companies, the military and anywhere else they choose, with our 96% placement rate within one year of graduation and a #17 ranking of average starting salary ($57,900) by 

Featured Content

Featured Content

  • Hosana Mamata '13

    Hosana Mamata '13

    For Brookeline, MA native Hosana, being a student is about balancing classes and real world experiences. 

  • Jon Taros '12

    Jon Taros '12

    Choosing CU’s digital arts & sciences program was easy for this avid gamer from Hopkinton, MA.

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Carrie LaBarr

Carrie LaBarr '04, '07
Assistant Dean of
Undergraduate Admission


Did You Know?
Clarkson was named one of 12 schools who graduates earn more than Harvard's by Payscale and ABC News. 

Clarkson is ranked #1 in the nation for graduates with the most internship experience by U.S. News and World Report, 2013!