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Adirondack Semester: How to apply

The Adirondack Semester is offered in both fall or spring semesters and students from all colleges and universities are invited to apply. It is typical for students to attend an "off campus" semester their junior or senior year, though underclassmen are welcome to attend as well.

Students majoring in the Sciences, Business/Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Liberal Arts and Humanities are encouraged to apply. Students must be in good academic standing with their home Department and have preferably completed at least one course in biology and/or chemistry.

We accept applications on a rolling admission basis. Openings for the SPRING 16 and semesters beyond are being accepted now. Please submit your application even though the semester you plan on attending may be several semesters into the future. By doing so you will "hold" a spot and the information will help us fine tune the academic programming according to Majors and interests. 

Spring 2016 Applications dates: 

Applications due: Friday, November 4

Notification date: Tuesday, November 8

For Clarkson University students:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Adirondack Semester’s Program Coordinator. 
  • Schedule an academic advising appointment to confirm that credits earned will support your academic goals.
  • Complete the on-line application.

Applicants from other institutions:

  • You should discuss your plans to attend with your academic advisor and your study abroad or off-campus studies office.
  • Schedule a phone interview with the Adirondack Semester’s Program Coordinator.
  • Complete the on-line application.
  • If your college is an affiliated institute you will receive credit directly through that institution.
  • If your college is not yet affiliated with Clarkson’s Adirondack Semester, our office will work with your institute to ensure that you will receive full credit.
  • Students accepted from affiliated and non-affiliated institutions will pay Clarkson’s tuition rates and housing fees based on single occupancy.
  • If you receive financial aid or scholarship funds, we will work with your institution’s financial aid office to ascertain the transferability of your aid. Clarkson University may offer financial assistance through scholarships depending on need. 

Please contact program coordinator Michael Dinan at (315) 261-2379 for more information.


Please follow the link below to start the admissions process. You will be prompted to complete all fields.

  • Begin by creating an account.
  • Log-in to begin application and complete essay.
  • Attach supporting documents electronically.  
  • Submit application.