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Graduation & Diplomas

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Clarkson awards degrees twice a year in (May and December), however there is only one formal commencement ceremony in May. A December Recognition Ceremony is held for students who meet degree requirements in the Fall term; these graduates may also participate in the May commencement ceremony.

Students must apply for graduation by the following deadlines:

December Graduates: October 15
May Graduates: January 28


The steps in the graduation process apply to ALL degree programs:
  1. Students must apply for graduation through their Student Service Center in PeopleSoft by the deadlines. A link to apply for graduation will be available to students who are may be eligible to graduate for the current academic year based on the number of credit hours completed and currently enrolled in.  If this is not available or if you have questions regarding the process, contact Student Administrative Services at
  2. A student becomes a degree candidate when the department certifies that the student has completed department or program and University requirements for graduation and, consequently, recommends him or her to the faculty for the conferring of the appropriate degree. 
  3. Students must have met financial obligations to the University within the time specified by Student Administrative Services.  Diplomas and transcripts will be withheld on past-due accounts and loans.  In addition, diplomas and or transcripts may be withheld for not completing a required exit interview involving University-administered loan programs.

Undergraduate Students - Please refer to the Clarkson Regulations, Section III-U Graduation, for a complete list of requirements.

Graduate Students - Please refer to University Catalog regarding the Graduate policy on commencement.
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