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Transfer Student Orientation

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Before Arriving to Campus
Please login to your PeopleSoft account to check your clearance status and to ensure you have no outstanding holds.  For questions regarding PeopleSoft, please contact Clarkson’s SAS at 315-268-6451. Your username and password combination are the same for your PeopleSoft and email accounts. Check them often since this will be our primary way of communicating with you. If you are unable to login to these accounts, please visit this link.

Arriving to Campus
Transfer student check-in is Friday, August 21st on the first floor of the Educational Resources Center.  Here, you will receive your orientation schedule, ID card, and mailroom key.  If you are living on campus, you will also pick up your room key at this location. Use the entrance marked in purple on the map below.
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Transfer Student Orientation 2015: More Information Coming Soon!
To get an idea of what Orientation 2015 may look like, you may  view the Transfer Student Orientation Schedule from 2014!

New Student Orientation is a comprehensive introduction to Clarkson University.  The program helps students build a foundation for academic and co-curricular success.  New transfer students will be introduced to Clarkson’s academic programs through academic orientation in their departments and skill-building workshops.  Clarkson’s co-curricular opportunities, resources, and services for students will also be highlighted. Students will build relationships with other students, faculty, and administrators. 

Look Me in the Eye

The 2015 common book is Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison. Check back soon for information on the 2015 Convocation speaker!

It is very important that you check your Clarkson email and PeopleSoft accounts, and check them often.  This will be our primary way of communicating with you.  If you are unable to login to these accounts, please visit this link.

Read the New Student Guide!