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Civil & Environmental Engineering - Faculty Success

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Our faculty members are widely known for their research and professional service. Many have received prestigious national awards, are currently editors or associate editors of archival journals, or have hosted international meetings on the Clarkson campus. Some highlights include:


  • Sulapha Peethamparan, 2011 NSF CAREER Award
  • Poojitha Yapa, 2010 United States Geological Services Director's award
  • Andrea Ferro, 2009 NSF Career Award
  • Hung Tao Shen, 2008 IAHR Ice Research Engineering Award; 2007 ASCE Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award and Lecture; 2001 Larry Gerard Medal, Canadian Geophysical Union – Hydrology Section; 2000 ASCE CAN-AM Civil Engineering Amity Award; and, the 2000 ASCE Harold R. Peyton Award for Cold Regions Engineering
  • Susan Powers, 2004 NSF Directors Award – Distinguished Teaching Scholar
  • Levon Minnetyan, NASA Innovation Awards 2000 and 2001
  • John Dempsey, 1993 ASCE Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize
  • Hayley Shen, 1991 ASCE Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize


Norbert L. Ackermann
Professor Emeritus
Water Resources Engineering


Gordon B. Batson
Professor Emeritus
Structural and Material Engineering
Snell Hall
Phone: 315-268-6520

Chris Bellona

Christopher Bellona
Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineer
208 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-3844

Bonner James S. Bonner
Environmental Engineering
102 Snell Hall (Downtown)
Phone: 315-261-2166

John P. Dempsey
Structural and Material Engineering
240B Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6517

Ferro Andrea Ferro
Associate Professor
Environmental Engineering
206 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-7649
Grimberg Stefan J. Grimberg
Professor & Chair
Environmental Engineering
140B Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6490

Thomas M. Holsen
Environmental Engineering
204 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-3851

Janoyan Kerop D. Janoyan
Assoc. Professor & Executive Officer
Geotechnical Engineering
140A Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6506

Ian M. Knack
Assistant Professor
Water Resources Engineering
102 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-4446

Lin Feng-Bor Lin
Transportation Engineering
228 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6546

Levon Minnetyan
Structrual and Material Engineering
226 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-7741

peethamparan Sulapha Peethamparan
Associate Professor
Structural and Material Engineering
236 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-4435

Susan E. Powers
Professor and Assoc. Dir. ISE
Environmental Engineering
123 Technology Advancement Center
Phone: 315-268-6542

Shane Rogers Shane Rogers
Associate Professor
Environmental Engineering
212 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6501
H.H. Shen

Hayley H. Shen
Water Resources Engineering
132 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6614


Hung Tao Shen
Water Resources Engineering
232 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6606

tyler smith Tyler Smith
Assistant Professor
230 Rowley Lab
Phone: 315-268-2243

Spencer Thew
Adjunct Associate Professor
Construction Engineering
136 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6507


Khiem Tran
Assistant Professor
234 Rowley Laboratories
Phone:  315-268-2341


Weiming Wu
Water Resources Engineering
128 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-6550

poojithayapa Poojitha D. Yapa
Water Resources Engineering
130 Rowley Laboratories
Phone: 315-268-7980