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Civil and environmental engineering are among the current hottest fields for job opportunities.

Five years ago Forbes Magazine ranked environmental engineering as the number one fastest growing technical field in 2005. FA year later, The Boston Globe identified the overall need for more well-educated engineers, with civil and environmental engineering at the top. According to the article, Among the most in-demand are civil engineers, particularly those who have expertise in cleaning up manufacturing sites and repairing environmental damage; we will need qualified professionals to do the work designing our water systems, school buildings, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

Fast forward to 2010 and (a service of CNN, Forbes and Money) placed Environmental Engineering (#5) and Civil Engineering (#6.) among the Top 10 best careers based on: job satisfaction, growth of industry and opportunities, and salary.

Civil engineering offers an enormous range of career opportunities. Fields include structural design, water or other resource and land development, transportation systems, hazardous waste management and general project management.

Environmental engineers develop and implement technologies to solve problems like meeting clean water supply needs and protecting public health. They address the air pollution issues of acid rain and global warming and reduce pollution while maintaining and improving the quality of life we enjoy.

Clarkson's Civil & Environmental Engineering program boasts one of the highest career placement rates in the country for its graduates. Consulting companies, government agencies, industry and national, state and local governments hire many civil or environmental engineers. Many decide to start their own businesses. Others continue their formal education through graduate degrees in engineering, business, medicine or law.

Kevin Hickey