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Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program

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Clarkson has two requirements to participate in a co-op:
  1. You must be a sophomore, junior or senior in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher), having completed at least one semester at Clarkson.
  2. You plan to complete at least one additional full semester at Clarkson upon completion of your co-op.
  3. No more than two consecutive co-op terms will be permitted for any student. Duration of co-op (regarding start and end dates) must coincide with registrar’s enrollment period each semester.

Graduate students considering a co-op may be subject to charges as outlined in the graduate guidelines. For example, a student using their co-op towards thesis progress may be charged for thesis credit(s).

Qualified Professional Experience
Before you sign up for a co-op, check with your academic department to make sure that it meets the criteria for a “professional experience” in your major.

Course Credit & Course Planning
Since co-ops are full-time paid positions, you won’t take any classes during the co-op semester. In order to graduate on time, we strongly recommend that you work closely with your academic advisor and the Career Center to plan the best time to leave. On occasion, students may take classes online or at another campus during their co-op. Before you leave for the co-op, we ask that you and your academic advisor sign an academic plan for completing your degree.

Tuition & Financial Aid
The good news is that you will pay no tuition while on your co-op; plus, you’ll be earning money. If you currently receive financial aid, please contact the Student Administrative Services (SAS) office to ensure that you continue to receive financial aid when you return to Clarkson.

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