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Clarkson University is proud that more than 450 diverse men and women belonging to 12 different fraternities and sororities come together in brotherhood and sisterhood to comprise one of the strongest communities on campus. Our fraternity and sorority members are often leaders in campus involvement. The Greek community has provided a significant outlet for those dedicated to making strong commitments to academics, leadership, service and social engagements. Joining a fraternity or sorority will provide lifelong friendships and excellent opportunities for personal growth.

As a sophomore you are eligible to join one of Clarkson's recognized fraternities or sororities, which total about 15 percent of our student population. Each chapter is involved in a wide variety of activities and all emphasize service to the campus and surrounding community. Most offer members accommodations and serve meals in off-campus chapter houses.

The Greek community is known for high scholarship and academic excellence. Chapters maintain grade-point average (GPA) requirements for membership and initiation. To assure continuing academic growth, chapters provide scholastic assistance through study hours and use each other as a resource. Clarkson Greek members pride themselves on maintaining GPAs consistently above their non-Greek counterparts. In the past four years, the sororities have attained higher grades than the all-woman average and the men seven of the past eight semesters.

Greek life provides students with a wide variety of leadership opportunities. Greek life is a working example of democracy in action as members are responsible for their own activities and living within their means. Members can also participate within their chapter as an officer or on one of the committees each chapter maintains. There are also opportunities outside each chapter to become actively involved in student organizations.

Providing community service is an integral part of fraternity and sorority life. The community’s involvement in volunteer and leadership work is a vibrant part of the school’s tradition. Clarkson applauds the valuable contribution fraternity and sorority life has made to the students, the University and the town of Potsdam.

When alumni of Greek chapters are asked to name the most rewarding part of being Greek, most say, “The friendships I gained and maintained through the years.” Fraternities and sororities build a bond of brotherhood and sisterhood unmatched by any other student organization. Each chapter has its own social calendar, which typically includes formals, date and theme parties, Moms’ and Dads’ days and functions with other fraternities and sororities. Any event with alcohol must be registered with the University and all state and local policies must be followed.

Delta Zeta sorority goes

The sisters of Delta Zeta (DZ), a national sorority with a Clarkson University chapter.


Quick Greek Facts: 

Fraternities have been part of Clarkson since 1903, sororities since 1977.

In the past four years, the sororities have attained higher grades than the all-woman average and the men seven out of the past eight semesters.

The fraternity and sorority community has raised over $79,000 for charity and performed over 19,000 hours of service to the community since 2001.

While many student organizations at Clarkson offer opportunities for friendship, personal growth and development, scholastic excellence, and leadership opportunities, it is the philosophy of fraternities and sororities that no other social experience can offer the entire spectrum of benefits the all-encompassing environment provided by Clarkson's recognized chapters. Fraternities and sororities expect that their members will become leaders within the community, abide by the rules and traditions of the chapter and the University, and adhere to the higher academic standards of their organization.

Alpha Chi Rho
Delta Sigma Phi
Omicron Pi Omicron
Phi Kappa Sigma
Sigma Chi
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Tau Epsilon Phi
Sigma Delta
Zeta Nu

Delta Zeta
Phi Sigma Sigma
Theta Phi Alpha 
Kappa Delta Chi

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