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Corporate Members

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This program is designed to provide a mechanism for a more substantive interaction both for companies already working with CAMP and for companies interested in developing a collaborative relationship.

$15,000 per year.

Benefits to the Company

  • A non-voting seat on the CAMP Board of Directors.
  • Research Fellowship, up to $7,500, in a research area of interest to the company.
  • Access to CAMP faculty and their research expertise.
  • Access to students for Co-Op/Intern/permanent jobs.
  • Invitation to participate in the CAMP Annual Technical Meeting.
  • General access to CAMP on exploratory visits (2 per year).
  • Access to Electron Microscope and NMR facilities, on the same fee basis as Clarkson faculty. Access to other equipment by arrangement.
  • Notification of CAMP sponsored seminars, and cost sharing on any CAMP sponsored materials courses.