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CU Live!


"Personal Financial Management - What No One Ever Told You"

Presented by Scott Bittler '83 and sponsored by the Annie Clarkson Society.

Scott graduated from Clarkson in 1983 with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  His successful career in engineering and information technology led him to his current role as a Leadership Partner at Gartner, the world's largest IT research and advisory services company.  He is also a voice-over artist and helps small businesses grow using a loyalty program. He has led hundreds of people through a comprehensive personal finance seminar in his community and beyond.  He has also conducted an alumni sponsored seminar for juniors and seniors at Clarkson for several years.


"Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” & Earning What You Are Worth"

Women have made great strides in corporate America but issues that stifle gender equality remain in the workplace. In this webinar, participants will learn strategies to overcome obstacles confronted in their places of work, as well as approaches and tactics to employ during future salary discussions. The webinar features two experts from Clarkson University, who speak from first-hand experience in both the domestic and international corporate worlds as well as,  current research;  Dr. Marilyn Ardito, Executive Director of Human Resources and Dr. Sandra Fisher, Associate Professor of Consumer & Organizational Studies. 


"Master What Matters: 10 Reasons To Get Your MBA Online!"
Boris Jukic, Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs, shared what led to Clarkson’s Online MBA program becoming #12 in the Nation, (U.S. News & World Report).The Clarkson Online MBA offers an interdisciplinary education, enriched by: Challenging, team based simulations, exposure to the latest “consulting-to-client” strategies, cross-functional projects to promote conceptual and networking skills that last and support to pursue your own unique path of inquiry, research and exploration!

As an alumni of Clarkson University in the Online MBA program, you’ll gain knowledge and proficiency in four key areas of Business Administration:

  • Learn to manage projects and people in real-world models
  • Hone skills managing business relationships & strategic negotiations
  • Learn the key principles and latest developments in many different areas, including Project Management, Quality Management and Information Technology
  • See how financial, legal and marketing strategies can foster innovation and help business thrive
  • Enhance your expertise in other key areas such as Accounting, Economics, Decision Analysis and Business Ethics

Powerpoint presentation of Master What Matters: 10 Reasons To Get Your MBA Online:


The Trials & Tribulations of an Entrepreneur - Starting & Directing a Business
John Lontos '85 shared what led him to start a business (the good, the bad, and the ugly), sell a business and start a second company. There were many lessons learned, tips, and tricks that he shared with fellow Clarkson University alumni and current students. 

After graduating from Clarkson, John Lontos accepted a position as an Electronics Engineer for the US Army writing test programs for the Abrams Tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle (both of which he got to ride in). Afterwards, John “cut his entrepreneurial teeth” working for an engineering consulting firm which gave him the opportunity to be a co-founder of a high-tech startup that developed wearable computers and head-mounted displays (long before Google glass). After a failed pursuit of an IPO and out of cash, he ended up as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin. After tiring of working for a large organization, John rejoined the small business world by starting a business, selling a business and, as of a few months ago, starting another business.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Panel
Hear the real deal about the challenging, rewarding, and inspirational moments from returned Volunteers. Panelists include: ‘02 Clarkson alumnus, Kevin Pilcher, spent 2003-2005 in Tanzania, East Africa, teaching secondary school math and physics; ‘08 Clarkson alumnus, Zach Swank, served in Mauritania 2008-2009 as an environmental education volunteer and then Senegal from 2009-2011 as an ecotourism volunteer; Charles Pepiton, Visiting Assistant Professor of Performance & Communication Arts at St. Lawrence University, spent 2010-2012 in China at Guizhou University teaching English, theatre, and directing plays; and Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton, Executive Director of the St. Lawrence County Arts Council and Canton-based artist and photographer, spent 2010-2012 in China at Guizhou University teaching English and art, and organizing the student theater club. Sponsored by the Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences Living-Learning Community, taught by Professor Laura Ettinger, and the Office of Student Life and Engagement.


Out of School, Into Real-Life Budgeting and Debt Management
Presented by Tom Basso '74, founder of Trendstat Capital Management, and sponsored by the Annie Clarkson Society.


Beginning the College Search & Understanding the Financial Aspects
Presented by Brian Grant '93, Dean of Admissions, Kara Pitts, Director of New Student Financial Aid & Matt Fahy '87.  Click here for the presentation slides.

Tips for Managing Multi-Generational Teams
X, Y, Boomer, Millennial – What does it mean? Learn why each generation is different, what drives them and tips for managing them efficiently.


Building Your Digital Presence
Employers and clients do their homework on you before you walk through the door. Does your online presence paint the right picture?


The Basics of Long Term Care Insurance
Could you spare $200 or more a day to provide yourself or a loved one with the necessary health care? Sponsored by the Annie Clarkson Society.


The Frustrated Investor - Presented 1/30/13
Presented by Tom Basso '74, founder of Trendstat Capital Management, and sponsored by the Annie Clarkson Society. The links referenced below, produced by Tom Basso, comprise The Frustrated Investor mini-series:

Clarkson Strategic Planning Update - Presented 12/19/12
See how elements of the alumni survey conducted last spring have had a major influence on a fresh approach to strategic planning. Click to view PowerPoint slides.


Removing the "rust" from your résumé - Presented 11/28/12
Jointly presented by Bob Lockwood '86, Principal & Founding Member of IT Staffing, Inc, and Carol Fletcher, President of C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc.


President Collins Update - Presented 10/24/12
Tony Collins gave an overview and update on the campus. Take a tour of campus and hear the President explain the campus changes and see why enrollment continues to climb!

On Campus Guest Lectures:
Paul Horn '68 - 9/16/13
"The Coevolution of Humans with Machines" was the topic of a talk by Paul Horn. Horn is  a 1968 alumnus of Clarkson and distinguished scientist in residence and senior vice provost for research and New York University.

Adams Golf founder Barney Adams '62 - 11/17/12
Entrepreneur, innovator & author Barney Adams spoke to a packed room and gave some critical advice to students who had the chance to pitch their business to him.

Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor - 10/8/12
Kor, a Nazi experiment survivor, delivered a powerful message of forgiveness while speaking before a large audience of students, faculty, staff and community members.