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Reunion Keynote Speaker Series

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The Clarkson Alumni Reunion Keynote Speaker series was created to give Clarkson alumni, faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community a fresh perspective from recognized experts on relevant issues that impact our global society.

Three years after its launch, it's starting conversations and engaging our alumni community around topics of great importance.

The Reunion 2014 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Steven Squyres.  Dr. Steven Squyres plans to speak about how design and innovation got us to Mars, and how to foster innovation under tight constraints. Dr. Squyres is best known as the face and voice of NASA’s mission to Mars, involving the pioneering drive across its surface by robotic rovers “Spirit and Opportunity.” This mission, expected to last 90 days, has been exploring the Martian surface for over nine years. The development of these rovers required over 4,000 highly motivated engineers and scientists. A professor of Astronomy at Cornell, Dr. Squyres is the principal investigator for the science payload on the Mars Exploration Rover Project. In addition, Dr. Squyres has participated in many of NASA’s planetary exploration missions including Voyager, Magellan, Cassini, and the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission. A recipient of numerous awards is his field, Dr. Squyres also has served as an Aquanaut for the NEEMO 15 and 16 projects. Dr. Squyres will address reunion attendees on Saturday, July 12.

Past Keynote Speakers:

Our first annual speaker in 2012, explorer Alexandra Cousteau, got us talking about innovating and re-imagining solutions to the pressing environmental issues that confront and define our species today.

Our second speaker in 2013, actor and entrepreneur John Ratzenberger, was an outspoken advocate for American-made products and the companies that keep Americans working.

Squyres2014 Speaker: Researcher and Astronomer Dr. Steven Squyres
 will tell the fascinating story of the twin robotic explorers named Spirit and Opportunity that landed on Mars in 2004, the initial conception through development, and the design process that led to su
ch extraordinary performance, launch, landing and more than six years of exploration.

John Ratzenberger2013 Speaker: Actor and entrepreneur John Ratzenberger
delivered his thoughts about preventing a national crisis by making Americans aware of the country's manufacturing problems and fostering a turnaround through education, 

entrepreneurship and job creation. MORE

Alexandra Cousteau2012 Speaker: Alexandra Cousteau National Geographic Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, helped us to connect the abundant water resources in Upstate New York with an overall understanding of our water planet. MORE

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