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Undergraduate Majors & Minors

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Majors and Advising Programs

American Studies Global Supply Chain Management
Aeronautical Engineering (operations, marketing, technology, economics)
Applied Mathematics and StatisticsHistory
Aretê Humanities
BiologyInformation Systems and Business Processes
Biomolecular Science (technology, management, operations)
Business Programs Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chemical Engineering (marketing, management, technology, economics)
ChemistryLiberal Studies
Civil Engineering Mathematics
CommunicationMechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering Physical Therapy
Computer Science Physics
Computing Programs Political Science
Digital Arts & Sciences Pre-Law
Electrical Engineering Pre-Medical Sciences
Engineering & Management Psychology
(management, engineering, science and technology) Science Studies
Engineering Studies Social Documentation
Environmental Engineering Social Sciences
Environmental Health Sciences Software Engineering
Environmental MajorsUniversity Studies
Environmental Science & Policy  
Financial Information and Analysis  
(finance, accounting, technology and economics)  

American Studies History
Anthropology Information Technology
Biology International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Biology, Behavior, and Society Law Studies
Biomedical Engineering Literature
Biomedical Science & Technology Literature and the Arts
Biophysics Mathematics
Business Philosophy
Chemistry Physics
Cognitive Neuroscience Political Science
Communication Project Management
Computational Science Psychology
Computer Science Science, Technology and Society
Economics Sociology
Electrical Engineering Software Engineering
Engineering Science Statistics
Environmental Engineering Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering
Environmental Health Science Sustainable Solutions for the Developing World
Environmental Science & Policy War Studies

Architectural Engineering Global Supply Chain Management
Biomolecular Engineering Materials Engineering
Construction Engineering Management Manufacturing Engineering
Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering

Special Programs
Honors Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Dentistry Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Law Pre-Veterinary
Pre-Medicine ROTC


Bioscience & Biotechnology, PhD (interdisciplinary)
Chemical Engineering, ME/MS/PhD
Chemistry, MS/PhD
Civil Engineering, ME/MS
Civil & Environmental Engineering, PhD
Computer Science, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Electrical Engineering, ME/MS
Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD
Engineering Science, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Engineering Management, MS (In conjunction with the Beacon Institute)
Engineering Science, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Engineering Science, PhD (off campus)
Environmental Science and Engineering, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Environmental Politics and Governance (interdisciplinary)
Graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management
Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma Process Improvement
Information Technology, MS (interdisciplinary)
Master of Business Administration, MBA (One-Year)
Master of Business Administration, MBA (online)
Master of Business Administration, Global MBA (One-Year)
Master of Business Administration in Global Supply Chain Management, MBA Online
Materials Science & Engineering, PhD (interdisciplinary)
Mathematics, MS/PhD
Mechanical Engineering, ME/MS/PhD
Physics, MS/PhD
Physician Assistant Studies, MS
Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT

Clarkson University offers flexible, full-time and part-time distance learning programs leading to the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Master of Engineering (M.E.) or Master of Science (M.S.) in a number of different disciplines. Options for off campus PHD study are also available. Visit our distance learning website for a current listing of our course offering.


Undergraduate Majors   Interdisciplinary Programs
Applied Mathematics and Statistics    Arete (Liberal Arts & Business)
Arete (Liberal Arts & Business)   Biomolecular Engineering
Biology   Environmental Health Science
Biomolecular Science & Chemistry   Environmental Science & Policy
Communication   Software Engineering
Computer Science 
Digital Arts & Sciences    Graduate Programs
History   Basic Science, MS
Humanities   Bioscience & Biotechnology, PhD (interdisciplinary)
Liberal Studies   Chemistry, MS/PhD
Mathematics   Computer Science, MS (interdisciplinary)
Physics   Computer Science, PhD
Political Science   Engineering Science, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Pre-Law   Environmental Science & Engineering, MS/PhD (interdisciplinary)
Pre-Medical Sciences   Information Technology, MS (interdisciplinary)
Psychology   IMaterials Science & Engineering, PhD (interdisciplinary)
ROTC   Mathematics, MS/PhD
Science Studies   Physics, MS/PhD
Social Documentation   Physical Therapy, DPT
Social Sciences   Physician Assistant Studies, MS
University Studies 


Undergraduate Majors
Engineering & Management (management, engineering, science and technology)
Financial Information & Analysis (finance, accounting, technology and economics)
Global Supply Chain Management (operations, marketing, technology, and economics)
Information Systems & Business Processes (technology, management and operations)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (marketing, management, technology and economics)

Graduate Programs
Residential Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Global Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Engineering/Master of Business Administration (ME/MBA)
Master of Science in Engineering Management (E&M MS)


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